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Flies to the Earth asteroid threat

К Земле летит опасный астероидScientists project that flies to the Earth a huge asteroid.

According to scientists, 12 October to Land close to a huge asteroid, which is a danger to people around the world. Experts hope that this time everything will be.

Scientists project that flies to the Earth a huge asteroid. They even managed to calculate the date when space object will fly near our planet. It will happen October 12. The distance that will be observed during this event is unknown, but the fact that it could lead to a collision, is present. Scientists are actively monitoring the asteroid TC4.

This piece has already flew past the Earth five years ago, in 2012. The researchers calculated that at the present time its size range is from 12 to 40 meters. These dimensions exceed the Chelyabinsk meteorite twice. The predictions of scientists regarding the Earth not too optimistic in the case of if an asteroid will fly past and will hook the blue planet. In this case, civilization would die from such disasters. But scientists warn that this is just hypothesis, so it is not worth pre-panic and sad, because life goes on.

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