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Flies to the Earth asteroid in the shape of a skull

К Земле летит астероид в форме черепа The object will approach our planet on Halloween.

October 10, 2015 the experts from the Observatory Pan-STARRS was observed asteroid 2015 TB145. After 21 days, i.e. on October 31, he approached the Earth at a very low distance of 480 thousand km on this day people celebrated Halloween, so the asteroid that was visible in the sky, called Halloween.

After some time, scientists have obtained the first images of the object. As it turned out, the asteroid was shaped like a skull, the second important attribute of Halloween (after pumpkin, of course). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The body diameter was 700 meters. When the object changed trajectory, then forgot all about the bizarre asteroid. However, because the latest news had to resume in-memory information about the outer body because he’s moving again to our planet.

According to experts, this time there is nothing to fear. The body will pass in November, far enough from Earth, so the probability of catastrophe is minimal. Interestingly, the asteroid will fly the accommodation of our planet is on the eve of Halloween.

This is the second coincidence with mystical connotation. Maybe the stone is artificial and, consequently, its trajectory someone asks? If so, then there are no reasons for panic.

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