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Flexible Lenovo Yoga laptop Book go to Chrome OS

Compact mobile PC, Lenovo Yoga Book, known for its flexibility and power, but also an elegant appearance, will be released in the new modification, for which demand is guaranteed to be, frankly, not very high. And all because she will get platform Chrome OS, which, though getting better and more functional, but it does so very slowly.

Currently the laptop is handsome Lenovo Yoga Book available with Windows 10, and particularly extreme, people can purchase it from Android 6. The version with the Chrome OS will receive support pen Real Pen, which can be used directly on the keyboard it will turn into a written or even an album sheet for handwriting text, or their arts. The release date of the new version of the Lenovo Yoga Book is still unknown, as well as its characteristics.

Recall, what is so bad the Chrome OS. Let’s start with the fact that it is based on the Chrome browser, that is sharpened by the Internet. In other words, if you have no Network connection, the laptop will turn into a pumpkin, then there will be absolutely useless, because the offline program, it does not yet support. Recently, this platform was partially integrated support for Android applications, which slightly improved the situation. The main target audience chromebook is an educational institution and that for the same money can often buy affordable laptop for full Windows 10.

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