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Five ways to survive summer in the apartment without air conditioning

Пять способов «выжить» летом в квартире без кондиционераThe actual problem for many.

The heat is exhausting, especially when at home and away from not to escape. Another thing, when is air conditioned and you can set the right climate, but it is not available to all. The reasons may be very different. Well, believe of a situation.

Where to get cold if there is no air conditioning and the house can’t breathe?

Day close all Windows and doors, drop the blinds and adhesive film that protects from sunlight. Will be aired tonight. Later in the evening open Windows and close them only at dawn.

Get rid of unnecessary rugs. When cold, they are certainly necessary, but in the summer the carpets can be hidden in the pantry. After all, the brushed surface holds the heat.

Maintains cool moist air. In the rooms you can put a humidifier, the easiest way Bank with water. But watch that humidity in moderation. Fungus there is no need!

Difficulty sleeping? Time to move on the floor. There’re rolling out the mattress and sleep.

If your situation is particularly complex, and the previous recommendations are only partially make life easier in a hot room. It’s time to wet towels and hang them around the apartment/house. You do the math!

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