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Five ways to get rid of edema

 Пять способов избавиться от отеков Fluid retention turns into a nightmare for those people who are trying constantly to stay in shape.

Due to swelling we look plumper and fluid retention prevents fat burning.

The aggravation of this problem violates our stay, sometimes we even can’t watch a movie lying on the couch: we get cramps, some body parts are going numb.

In order to improve their health, or to prevent the appearance of edema, it is recommended to adjust some habits. But first you need to understand what is retention and why it occurs.

Fluids of the human body are in the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. Of course, at some point they must be removed. Unfortunately, sometimes in our body accumulates too much fluid volume, with the result that these systems are unable to cope with it.

In other cases, the fluid volume remains normal, but for some reason it begins to stagnate. The reasons for this anomaly can be different: disturbances of blood circulation, completeness, renal failure, etc.

So if you suffer from swelling, you should consult a medical professional, because the symptoms may hide serious diseases and disorders.

In most cases, this problem is not dangerous for our health. It can be triggered by the following factors:

A long stay in the same position.
The changes in temperature.
Hormonal changes due to ovulation.
Lack of physical activity

Also swelling may occur as a result of:

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Abuse of salt.

Whatever caused the fluid retention, we can always cope with this condition by following some simple tips, according to the health info with reference to steptohealth.ru.

5 tips to help deal with fluid retention

1. Sorokapyatiletnyaya walk every day

We are talking about walking at a quick pace. This beneficial habit is able to improve the quality of our lives.

Walking activates the muscles, and thus stimulates our circulation. As a result, the blood circulates faster and easier.

Due to this, the liquid is evenly distributed, and a certain part of it comes out with sweat. We can safely say that walking makes it easier for our body this difficult task — the regulation of fluid.

2. Daily drink 8 glasses of water

Many of us stop drinking water to avoid swelling. This is a big mistake. On the contrary, water is needed for vital functions in our body and timely removal of toxins.

Therefore, people suffering from edema should drink more water. Sometimes we refuse water, as it seems tasteless.

If drinking plain water seems boring to you, try to drink various infusions. They have diuretic properties, warm our body from the inside and possess many useful properties. Infusions help us to care about our health.

3. Pay attention to carbohydrates

When we want to get rid of extra pounds and go on a diet, we often exclude from your diet carbohydrates. But they contain the energy we need for work and intellectual activity.

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It should be noted that the carbs are different. Some are more useful than others. The best solution is in small quantities there are cereals and whole grains. We recommend you to pay attention to buckwheat and spelt.

4. Turn to your diet with diuretic properties fruit

As in the case with carbohydrates, fruits are different. Some of them contain sugar, so there are people who prefer to refuse from fruit.

It is not worth doing, because there are fruits that can help us to cope with the swelling.

In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the following fruit:


You can eat this fruit fresh, or prepare them a delicious natural cocktails.

5. Eat foods containing vitamin B6

This vitamin dissolves in water, which stimulates the secretion of fluid from our body.

The most effective in this sense are the following products:

The liver.
Whole-grain cereals.
Sea language.

It is worth noting that all of the b vitamins useful for people suffering from edema. But vitamin B6 is most effective. Combine the above foods with vegetables that have diuretic properties:


These simple recommendations, you will successfully reduce swelling and do not require you to large financial costs.

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