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Five simple ways to lose weight without dieting

Пять простых способов сбросить вес без диетPick up the right habits and do not skip main meals.

Spring triggers look great. To like yourself, you need to take care of the figure, to the easy stuff to feel comfortable.

But this does not necessarily limit itself in everything. First of all, weight depends on daily habits – try to acquire the right. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. Do not skip Breakfast, lunch and dinner lose 4 kg in a year.

Researchers from Seattle during the year was watched 130 women who were trying to lose weight. One of the most pleasant discoveries: hunger strike did not help to lose weight! Those who often skipped meals dropped on average 4 kg less than those who ate moderately and regularly.

2. Bring to the office lunch from home – lose 2.5 kg in a year.

If you order food to the office or have lunch in the nearest cafe, then get rid of excess weight will be harder. Meals in restaurants are often more oil, salt, and sugar than you would use at home for cooking same dishes.

3. Weigh yourself once a week – lose 0.5 kg per year.

If you regularly weigh (and thus treat the scales as one of useful gadgets, and not as a source of endless stress), keep weight under control easier. The explanation is simple: when you take care of yourself, you will immediately notice the extra kilos and be able to take action.

4. Write down everything that you eat, lose 3 kg in a year.

Most of us underestimate the amount and calories of food eaten. Would you like to appear on the beach this summer? During the month, keep detailed notes of each half candy.

5. Exercise less – lose 2.5 kg.

Last year Danish study involved two groups of volunteers. In the first group of men and women trained for 30 minutes a day, the second twice. The results were surprising: those who engaged in only half an hour, a month lost 2.5 kg more! It turned out that 30 minutes of exercise – enough to increase metabolism and burn calories. After prolonged exertion the participants either felt too much hunger or too tired and the rest of the day spent on the couch.

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