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Five simple exercises for a perfect figure

Пять несложных упражнений для совершенной фигурыFive effective exercises.

How to quickly lose weight? We picked only the most effective exercises.

Important! Exercise will operate only when a proper diet and create a caloric deficit.

1. The jumping rope. The recommended number of repetitions: 5 sets of 120 jumps. In 30 minutes this workout burned about 300 calories.

2. Squats. It is important to Crouch as low as possible and to make sure that the knees do not go beyond socks. Do 10 squats.

3. Strap. The body takes the position of a straight line from shoulders to ankles, belly dragging, straining a press. Do at least 5 approaches.

4. Interval run. To achieve the best result, you need to run the first minute at 80% of its maximum speed, the second minute of Jogging.

5. Pushups from knees. If you are a beginner, do 5 sets of 15 times.

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