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Five signs that you lose weight at the expense of muscle and not fat

Пять признаков, что вы худеете за счет мышц, а не жираSo beautiful figure is not achieved.

When people are desperate to lose weight, they use different kinds of untested diets and modes of physical activity. Experts in the field of healthy eating called the 5 key signs that you are losing muscle but not fat.

Drowsiness. If you chose the wrong diet, and physical activity is not enough, in parallel with fatigue will also feel a strong drowsiness. It stems from the fact that the muscles get less stress and require less time for recovery. As a result, you will lose more muscle than fat.

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The rapid weight loss. If you have lost 5 kg in a month, it is not excluded that the muscles of the body used as energy source. Remember that there are scientific limits are designated that determine how fast the body burns excess fat.

You are making progress. If you do not provide your muscles sufficient time to recover, you’ll notice that it has ceased to progress. In other words, you will not be able to lift more weight in order to tone muscles.

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Problems with stability. If you have problems with stability, they may indicate inadequate calorie consumption and low level of blood sugar. It will affect the care and diligence, if you will not be able to rectify the situation.

Irritability. The lack of calories in the diet affects how your brain works, and this enhances the irritability. As the brain gives orders to the muscles, then when he ends the energy that your muscles can’t train effectively.

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