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Five signs that the diet does not suit you

Пять признаков, что диета вам не подходит	Not itsite a strict diet.

Even if you know how to lose weight and has already made a firm decision to get rid of extra pounds, diet and exercise is not as effective as you expect. First, the weight will go quite actively, and then the process slows down.

The reasons for such a phenomenon can be several: from the banal to the plateau to endocrine diseases. Often also improper diet can cause health damage. Next we will place signs that will help to understand the situation.

A wrong diet

Modern diets, if they are not controlled by the doctor at the clinic should not be hungry. One of the signs of improper diet are the following factors:

– The constant feeling of hunger. Even sitting on a diet you don’t have to think about food all the time. Proper diet involves a special diet, but my hunger always be present should;

– Chronic fatigue. If you constantly feel tired, it means that the diet is too limiting daily calories, respectively, just can’t get enough energy. If the diet falls on the period when you need to lead a normal lifestyle and can’t afford a leisurely walk and stay all day, you should get at least 1200 calories a day;

– Insomnia. This is a very alarming symptom. One of the most important conditions to lose weight is a quality sleep, so the lack of rest after a couple of days will knock you off track. If you are not able to sleep properly for several days, immediately go to the previous, somewhat light weight, a diet, and buy multivitamins.

– The endless change of mood. This means that the brain doesn’t has the nutrients, so there are depression, irritability or anxiety. Help yourself to recover vitamins.

– Changes in social life. Proper diet does not affect your social lifestyle.

Stop, if you know that you can’t go to a party or in a cafe. And don’t forget the ways to lose weight needs to be gentle.

This means that a diet with a sharp restriction lasts for a maximum of 5-7 days. Further diet changes. If the diet longer – it should be soft.

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