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Five reasons to include eggs in your daily diet

Пять причин включить яйца в свой ежедневный рационEggs are a delicious and easy to prepare product.

We’ll tell you why eggs can and should eat every day.

There are very few people who don’t like eggs. The beauty of eggs that they can cook a lot of food, and quite quickly.

However, at different times, the balls being praised to the skies for their use, abuse and strongly recommend excluded from the diet.

We will talk about what is the benefit of eggs. And why they are so “not like” some nutritionists.

Reason 1
Cholesterol. But only useful!

Until recently it was believed that eggs are the real enemies of the vessels had a large chicken egg contains about 185 grams of cholesterol! And this is at day rate of 300 grams. However, new studies show that the cholesterol contained in eggs is not one that clogs our blood vessels. Moreover, studies have shown that diet does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Reason 2
Use for vision

It is proved that eggs prevent cataracts, protect the optic nerve as well as reduce the negative impact of the environment on vision. And all because they contain lutein and zeaxanthin: these substances protect our eyes.

Reason 3
Use for the reproductive system

In order for the pregnancy proceeded without complications, the body must have enough vitamin E, namely it is contained in eggs. In addition to use during pregnancy, vitamin E contributes to a less painful course of menstruation and PMS. And this vitamin increases female libido!

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Reason 4
Use in sports

If you exercise regularly, eggs for you – an excellent product that will strengthen the muscles along the way, helping the body to burn fat. The protein contained in eggs helps to recover even after a heavy workout, and also helps to ensure that your muscles acquire the necessary relief. Thus calories in 1 egg only 70 is superciliously product!

Reason 5
Use for youthful skin

Eggs contain vitamin B12, the one that helps our skin look gorgeous. For example, this vitamin prevents the appearance of eczema, heals damaged skin and evens its tone. When a sufficient amount of vitamin B12 in the body, skin becomes healthy, it becomes elastic and smooth.

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