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Five products that cannot have a cold

Пять продуктов, которые нельзя есть при простудеThese products have a negative impact on the human body and slow down his recovery.

Often the period of treatment of SARS delayed for several weeks. The reasons for this can be several improper diet or incorrect medications prescribed by the doctor, failure to comply with the recommendations of the doctor and so on.

Therapists stayed on the diet, or rather, told about the foods that slow down the process of treatment and recovery:

Meat products. During a virus illness should “unload” the digestive system, and it can be done, by giving up meat and meat dishes. However, experts argue that the common cold is very useful chicken broth, so you can use it as an exception, while other meats is better to give up.

Sweets and pure honey. If there is for colds and flu sweet products only berry jam and honey, but not in large quantities and preferably with unsweetened tea. Separately to ease up on the honey, raspberry or any other jam not worth it, so the product will just hurt.

Tea with spices. Drink very hot tea, and even spices, is highly undesirable for a patient with SARS or influenza. The temperature of the drink and its ingredients have a negative impact on mucous membranes of the throat, irritating it. Better to drink warm herbal teas with lemon, raspberry jam or just water. And spiced tea will be useful at a time when you just felt cold and can get sick.

Milk. The substances included in the composition of natural milk and in particular milk sugar and fats, are acceptable habitat for pathogens, so “treated” milk is illogical. The only time milk will be appropriate is in the treatment of bronchitis, which, as a rule, is a complication rather than a separate disease.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices. Fruit acids have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the throat, which is sore. It is better to drink juices in the prevention of viral diseases, so they will bring the maximum benefit.

The use of alcoholic beverages during SARS and influenza is strictly prohibited doctors. Alcohol in this case increases the load on all the vital organs – pancreas, stomach, liver, kidneys, supplying them with toxic substances.

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