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Five of the world’s most beautiful ports. Photo

Пять самых красивых в мире портов. Фото Here are 5 ports.

Cruise travel has become one of the most popular ways to relax and there’s a reason. After going on a cruise, you get the chance to visit exciting cities and harbors around the world. The portal Dreamlines has compiled a list of 5 of the most beautiful ports to see which every.

Santorini, Greece

Пять самых красивых в мире портов. Фото

Many Greek Islands are lovely, but none is quite so impressive as Santorini. A volcanic island with white houses dotted on its slopes, and lures. The island has no cruise terminal, so passengers of cruise ships brought to shore on small tender boats. The first thing to visit on the island, is the charming town of Fira. In the maze of narrow streets you will find restaurants, cafes and shops with an incredible view of the Caldera.

Hong Kong, China

Пять самых красивых в мире портов. Фото

Ideal time for arrival in the Harbor of Hong Kong. The Bay offers stunning views of the skyscrapers of Hong Kong island, on the one hand, and the shores of Hong Kong on the other hand. Compared to Santorini, Hong Kong impresses with its grandeur, impressive skyline and unsurpassed shopping. This place is suitable for any type of holiday, especially popular are cruises from Hong Kong in the country of the rising sun.

Moorea, French Polynesia

Пять самых красивых в мире портов. Фото

“Moorea island – quiet, peaceful island of incredible beauty, surrounded by greenery. The whole island can be explored in less than 3 hours” – shares his impressions of a cruise expert at Dreamlines Natalia. From the turquoise sea, green mountains and incredible flora and fauna you will definitely take your breath away. And those who loves snorkeling, will be happy doubly, because Moorea is the place with the largest coral reef ecosystem on the planet.

El-Khasab, Oman

Пять самых красивых в мире портов. Фото

Another unique place that definitely worth to spend your vacation is Khasab. This city is known for its incredible mountain scenery, walks with dolphins, a beach holiday and diving in underwater caves. In addition, Khasab is a very popular cruise stop. You can reach it on the liner both from the Emirates and Europe. This is a great way to see some incredibly beautiful port cities.

Bergen, Norway

Пять самых красивых в мире портов. Фото

Bergen is located on Norway’s Western coast. This city will meet you before the trip to the fjords. By the standards of Norway, Bergen is a big city, but it has the charm of a small town with a multifaceted history, culture and traditions. Bergen is famous for the seven mountains that surround the city center, the Hanseatic Wharf and the fish market. One of the best options of travel to Norway – cruise. In one trip you will see not only the beauty of Bergen, but also to appreciate the greatness of the fjords.

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