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Five of the most unusual discoveries. Photo

Пять самых необычных космических открытий. ФотоSpace holds many mysteries.

Let’s be honest with ourselves at least in such petty matters as space exploration. We don’t know about him almost nothing — and it’s true. All the studies relate to only a tiny fraction of what really can happen, and not even in a galaxy far far away, and right on the doorstep of the Solar system.

As examples of amazing, frightening infinity of the surrounding (our planet) world, we have collected some of the strangest things found by scientists at the moment.
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Пять самых необычных космических открытий. Фото

Her name at the moment — Gliese581C Forest04Gliese 581. Her sun is less than our twice. And closer to the planet four. A unique situation has led to the fact that our potential new home (and this is true, because of the proximity of 581 to the Earth) keeps the terrible balance in the space. One side constantly facing the star: here the surface is literally boiling.

There is a chance that hellish planet will become mankind new home.

But on the other there is eternal Arctic cold. But, hypothetically, in the middle of these extremes are suitable to living zone, where and are going to an expedition inhuman scientists. Science requires sacrifice, though.
Space strawberry rum

Пять самых необычных космических открытий. Фото

In the last few years the attention of many of Earth’s astronomers focused on the space cloud near the center of the milky way. If God really exists, then the sense of humor he can’t refuse: education smells like strawberries and tastes like rum.
Fifteen people on one ship, yo-Ho-Ho and the planet of rum!

Sagittarius B2 is hydrogen, ethyl alcohol, formaldehyde, formic acid and ethylene glycol — the emergence of data about it and has given astronomers a basis for such a bold assumption about the taste and olfactory characteristics of the cloud.
The planet is boiling ice

Пять самых необычных космических открытий. Фото

On the same system (if the Creator of the joke, laid down all the hellish surprises in one basket), turns and one crazy planet. Gliese 436 b is similar to Hoth from “Star wars” with one small exception: she’s always in flames.

Burning the ice volume of the planet: welcome to the new reality.

But water molecules cannot evaporate, even in such a terrible temperature, because the gravity is so great that it constantly attracts water molecules to the center of the planet. All together looks like a real crazy.
All the water of the universe

Пять самых необычных космических открытий. Фото

Only the twelve billion light years from us is the huge water tank in the universe. At least in the explored part of it.
In the center of a black hole is the dream of any surfer of the earth.

Most interesting is that this super-reservoir is located right in the center of a black hole, which, in turn, is “the eye of the storm” of the quasar. Here in 140000000000000 contains more water than all the oceans of the earth. Dream surfer!

Diamond planet

Пять самых необычных космических открытий. Фото

It’s more like a duck out of the weekly morning show: astronomers found a planet made of diamonds! The owner turned out (here you need to put the name of the evil political figure)! But such a planet actually exists: Cancri 55 e is one-third covered with real diamonds. Planet of greedy rich men, not otherwise.

The graphite content in the soil is so high that, according to scientists in the next three hundred years it is completely transformirovalsya in one huge precious stone.

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