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Five of the most powerful submarines of World war II. Photo

Пять самых мощных подлодок Второй Мировой. ФотоThey went down in history.

During the Second world war a fierce battle was fought not only on land, in the air and on the water, but still under it. Military submarine was carrying a huge danger to the enemy fleet. The big mistake was to underestimate the power and potential of submarines, which were the perfect war machines.

1. The submarines of the type “T”, UK

The military submarine of type “T” (Triton Class) were made in the UK from mid-1930-ies. It was built 53 submarines, all of which took an active part in world war II. “Newt” was not equal in combat power among all the submarines of WWII. The mere mention of it caused the sailors to fear. 11-torpedo salvo could easily sink an enemy warship. In awesome bow superstructure there were a few torpedo tubes and machine guns.

Пять самых мощных подлодок Второй Мировой. Фото

The British were one of the first equipped with the “Tritons” latest hydrologically ASDIC. During the war British submarines have come a long way of fighting, and won tens of victories. “Newts” were active in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean, sank several Japanese cruisers in the Pacific. Two submarines of the type “T” near Murmansk destroyed four of the enemy ship with thousands of soldiers on Board. After the war, “Newts” until the 1970-ies was adopted by the British Navy.

2. The submarines of the type “Gato”, USA

American submarines type “Gato” entered the war in 1944 and managed to bring a lot of trouble to the Japanese in the Pacific fleet. “Gato” tightly blocked most of the sea approaches, lines of supply and communication, effectively leaving the Japanese army, without reinforcements, and the country without the normal industry. In fierce battles with the American submarines of the Imperial Navy lost two aircraft carriers, several cruisers and two dozen destroyers.

Пять самых мощных подлодок Второй Мировой. Фото

The boat, named in honor of shark had good driving characteristics and powerful armament. “Gato” had 10 torpedo tubes and the latest equipment. Immense endurance allowed to make flights from a military base in Hawaii to the Japanese coast without refueling. Thanks to the power of submarines of the type “Gato” the Americans were able to win in the Pacific.

3. Submarines of the type “VII”, Germany

One of the most popular military submarines not only the times of WWII, but also in the entire history of the submarine fleet. From 1935 to 1945, the year it was built 703 instance submarines of the type “VII”. This submarine can rightly be called the most effective warship in history. “Seven” destroyed everything: aircraft carriers, cruisers, Lincolns, destroyers, oil tankers and even the enemy aircraft. Damage from German U-boats were unheard of. If the US partially offset the losses of the allies, the German “sevens” would be a very real chance to crush the English and Soviet fleet and change the course of the war.

Пять самых мощных подлодок Второй Мировой. Фото

The serial success of the German submarines was simple – the relative cheapness, simplicity of design, but excellent service and mass. According to statistics in the beginning of the war one German “seven” had an average of one anti-submarine ship, so they feel almost invincible masters of the oceans. The situation changed radically when the enemies of Germany realized the power of the German submarine fleet and have begun to create their own submarine.

4. Boats of the type “Average”, the Soviet Union

Submarine type “C”, “Medium” or “Stalinist” – a common name of a series of Soviet submarines, developed in the period from 1936 to 1948. Only during the second world war was used 30 boat class “C”, but it is a relatively small number of combat vehicles were able to sink many enemy ships. On account of “Asok” destroyed 19 ships, 7 battle ships and 1 submarine.

Пять самых мощных подлодок Второй Мировой. Фото

All on Board were six torpedo launchers and as many spare guns on the side racks, two subversive gun and several machine guns. Smalls also had good seaworthiness. In the surface as the submarine could reach speeds of 20 knots, allowing you to outrun almost any enemy convoy.

5. “Baby” the Soviet Union

In the midst of war the Soviet Union took an immediate strengthening of the Pacific fleet. For these purposes, was built about a hundred combat mini-submarines of a series “M” or “baby”, which could be easily transported across the country by train. Despite the small dimensions and relatively poorly armed (two torpedo tubes), “Baby” had a quick dip and skilful commanders could sink any submarine of the Third Reich.

Пять самых мощных подлодок Второй Мировой. Фото

On the other hand, according to the submarine service for the “Baby” was a real nightmare. Extremely difficult living conditions, limited space, constant “buffeting”. Not every sailor could withstand such a psychological and physical test. The slightest malfunction aboard submarines in most cases, the threatened loss of the entire crew. Nevertheless, over the world war II submarines of a series “M” 61 sunk the enemy ship and 10 warships.

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