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Five most wanted criminals in the world. Photo

Пять самых разыскиваемых в мире преступников. ФотоThey are still on the loose.

Every day our planet becomes more and more unpleasant and dangerous place to live. Fierce clashes with terrorist groups, the fight against trafficking, kidnapping and organ trade: we live among those who are able to order the destruction of entire families without batting an eye. The five most wanted gangsters of the world are responsible for horrible crimes against humanity — but still each of them enjoying the freedom.

Пять самых разыскиваемых в мире преступников. Фото

Matteo Denaro

The “Forbes” magazine placed team of the club to sixth place in the list of most wanted criminals in the world. After a long journey from the bottom, the bandit nicknamed Dyabolik in 2007, he became the “godfather” of the entire Sicilian mafia. Matteo repeatedly boasted that with his own hands filled the whole cemetery. An Italian court sentenced the criminal to death, but this fact does Dyabolika is not worried.

Пять самых разыскиваемых в мире преступников. Фото

Joseph Kony

The Ugandan organized his own army, and dialed her children. The forces of “the Lord’s Resistance Army” is in opposition to the legitimate government of the country. The soldiers Horses are ruthless killers who are familiar with the machine almost from the cradle. The cunning preacher during his reign, stole more than 35,000 children each of them had trained for several months, and then armed and sent to sweep the native villages. Since 2005 the hunt for Kony has declared almost all the intelligence agencies of the world, but at the moment to catch him and failed.

Пять самых разыскиваемых в мире преступников. Фото

Semyon Mogilevich

Criminal business Mogilevich started in 1970. It is called a criminal mastermind and accused of all sorts of crimes, until the sale Osama bin Laden depleted uranium. In criminal circles in Russia and abroad he is known as Seva (Seva), “don Simenon” and “the Man with seven faces”. Despite the fact that Mogilevich is among the five most wanted men of the FBI and is considered one of the main leaders of the Russian mafia in the world, the Russian court in its actions of structure of a crime does not see. In April 2011, the Mogilevich case was dismissed for lack of evidence and the bandit still on the loose.

Пять самых разыскиваемых в мире преступников. Фото

Eriberto Lazcano

The cartel Los Zetas is considered to be the most dangerous criminal group in the two continents. Eriberto Lazcano recruits themselves only professional soldiers, past is not one war. From helicopters to tanks — to fight with the Zetas is not at risk and the Mexican authorities. FBI offers $ 2 million for any information on the whereabouts of Eriberto Lazcano and as much as 5 million for information leading to his capture.

Пять самых разыскиваемых в мире преступников. Фото

Christopher Coke

Christopher, better known under the nickname Dudus, became a drug Lord just 23 years old. The guy had to take up the cause of the deceased in the disassembly of the father, Lester, Coca. Under the able hand of Dudus Jamaican cartel grew out of the scale of the area: a lively trade began with the United States. Today, coke is sentenced to forty years in prison, but the media believes that the appeal for parole of a dangerous criminal will be accepted by the judicial system because of corruption.

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