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Five most beautiful streets in the world. Photo

Пять красивейших улиц в мире. ФотоThey should see with their own eyes.

Due to its historical significance, scenic charm, unique character or the amazing sights, the most beautiful street in the world just cause visitors to stop and admire all around. Presents photographs of the four corners of the globe will definitely convince you to start packing on a trip.

Champs Elysees in Paris

The most famous street in France is also the most “touristic”. Prospect – about 230 feet in width, stretches for over a mile from Concorde to the arc de Triomphe. This street is the most beautiful during the holidays when it is illuminated by thousands of lights.

Пять красивейших улиц в мире. Фото

Lombard street in San Francisco

Lombard street, in particular, the section between Hyde and Leavenworth, the world-famous for its narrow zigzags and has appeared in many Hollywood films.

Пять красивейших улиц в мире. Фото

The main Street of the commune of Eze

Located high in the mountains on the côte d’azur (French Riviera) just a few kilometers from nice, the medieval village of Eze offers some of the most charming, winding medieval streets. Basically, they diverge from the Main Street, and finding them can be a wonderful excuse for a walk.

Пять красивейших улиц в мире. Фото

The Fondamenta San Mauro in Burano

Street, photography which is all angles, Fondamenta San Mauro, and adjacent streets just explode with bright colors. The town of Burano, located near Venice, no doubt, will surprise you with its canals small fishing boats and colorful facades of buildings.

Пять красивейших улиц в мире. Фото

The Malecon in Havana

The picture with the waves crashing on the Malecon, is an iconic symbol of Havana. Classic American cars pass by, delighting the children who are waiting for the next powerful wave that washed the street.

Пять красивейших улиц в мире. Фото

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