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Five morning habits to keep you healthy

Пять утренних привычек позволят всегда оставаться здоровымиDoctors told, what habits have healthy and happy people.

Perhaps you have noticed that some of your colleagues the whole day spinning like a squirrel in a cage, and manages to perform all its tasks, and someone sleeps all day and did not have time, while another complains of feeling.

Scientists believe that healthy, productive people just have their own set of habits, which actually help them to increase their efficiency. During the global study, which involved physically healthy and at the same time successful people, scientists knew what habits allow them to be always on top:

1. Charging. No matter what you will do morning exercises, jog, gym and so on. Any physical activity wakes up the body, gives it strength, increases muscle mass, improves mood and makes a person confident.

2. Breakfast. This meal should be dense, nutritious and useful. The caloric content of the Breakfast is 20% of daily calorie needs.

3. E-mail Inbox. Check mail, delete all unnecessary spam, answer important emails. It is best to do it in the morning, otherwise, then your answer may be not useful to anyone.

4. Goal setting for 1 day. Set small goals that actually achieve in a day. La many women, such a goal might be to surpass the plan and go to the gym after work.

5. A plan of action. Shall describe in detail what you will do during the day and the evening, then you will be able to accomplish all that in mind and not fall down legs on the couch already at 19:00.

Implement these habits of healthy people into your life and you will not notice how quickly she will change for the better. In addition, you will feel better, your efficiency will increase, and that means you will make more money and every day to become more successful.

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