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Five million dollars of North Korean children, and for their money texting collect

Пять миллионов долларов северокорейским детям, а для своих деньги смс-ками собираем

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The government of Russia took a decision to aid Korean children. A bit across the state this quite a bit only five million dollars. Korean children they are nearer and dearer to our. Help.

There is no doubt that the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), organized the action, playing a very important cause. If not one “but”.

On extreme a press-conferences Vladimir Putin has a very lengthy answer to the question of the journalist from the Crimea, asked the President when we stop to collect money for the children with the help of SMS-messages, and not start to allocate funds from the state budget.

Remember that then was the President?

First, our healthcare is free, as well as education. There are segments where this work closes private medicine. So we are talking about the necessity of significant changes in primary care. In General, people should get medical care for free. This applies to all, including children, and especially children…

… With regard to charitable activities and what is done on the leading Russian channels, handling of calls for assistance for specific children. Understand these calls, the transfer for this reason, they cannot be banned. Although aid alone two children, it is also important. If we save the life of even one person, it is great, and already the Lord you will note, when I stand before him, will be good. But in the overall picture of course, they make little difference. Here we need to configure in pediatric medicine and bring it to a higher level, it’s true…

/transcript of press conference by Russian President Vladimir Putin 19.12.2019/ source:

You saw a specific answer to the question? I don’t.

Of course, the President wasn’t supposed to say that our country is in terms of the health of the population takes 119 place, behind Ukraine (118) and ahead of Belarus (120)

Not supposed to tell the President about the fact that according to the UN, our country is at the end of the forties the level of casualties among children, and we are ahead of only several African countries.

Certainly, the decision to help the children of North Korea was not taken yesterday, and Putin knew about it, but then, on December 19, he anything about this journalist said, and today…

… today, instead of having to equip several dozen children’s hospitals in Russia with necessary equipment, to buy expensive drugs, to train doctors in the best foreign clinics, we will provide assistance to needy children of North Korea.

After all, we have to look beautiful in the eyes of our “Western partners”.

Our children continue to raise money via SMS, especially because the initiative belongs to the “leading” channels, according to the President, and the government is not to blame, the Government meets its commitments…

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