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Five long-known methods of treatment of colds, which are all forgotten

Пять давно известных способов лечения простуды, о которых все забылиExperts reminded, how to cure the common cold, without leaving home.

The common cold and without adequate treatment can develop into something serious, so you should tell the symptoms to the therapist and to consider all his recommendations. Not interfere with traditional treatments of colds, which were used since ancient times and they all came to our time, in connection with which they simply could not forget.

So these methods of folk medicine will help you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of cold and feel good:

1. Tea made from dried chamomile flowers. It is used not only as a warming medicinal drink, but also as nasal drops or washes sore throat. The only rule — if you bury your nose chamomile tea and rinse their throats, it should be chilled, not hot. About the healing properties of chamomile tea has long been known: it reduces inflammation, calms the nerves, disinfects and removes from the body toxic substances trapped in it along with the virus.

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2. Spicy milk. This drink is a bit similar to the famous mulled wine, but without alcohol and citrus. Used to cook milk, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and Laurel leaf. To healing milk had a pleasant taste, you can add a little honey. Beneficial effects on the body who human time-tested, the milk soothes and energizes.

3. Ginger tea with lemon. The easiest way to fight the cold is to strengthen the immune system. This can be done by using vitamin-enriched beverage, such as ginger tea with lemon. The ingredients of this tea contains a lot of vitamin C, essential for strong immunity. Plus, ginger has antibacterial properties and easily kills viruses.

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4. Onion and his “partner” garlic. These two go hand in hand and they can significantly reduce the number of days spent on sick leave because of colds. Moreover, experts suggest not only to eat and to smell. Volatile constituent of onion and garlic, instantly straightened with a stuffy nose and also destroy bacteria floating in the air and trapped in the body of the patient.

5. Raspberry tea. To make this wonderful drink you can use everything that somehow relates to raspberries — berries, raspberry jam or jam, pureed raspberries with sugar, the leaves of the raspberry Bush. Raspberry tea will quickly bring you to your senses, because it is a diuretic, diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory properties.

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