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Five good reasons to once again soak in the bathtub

Пять веских причин лишний раз понежиться в ваннойEspecially in the winter.

If we need a morning shower to Wake myself up, then in the evening do not deny yourself the pleasure of basking in a warm bath. And there are several good reasons.

The Only shared why cold evenings in the winter and late fall to take a hot bath before bed. But remember that taking a hot shower or bath should be at least an hour before bedtime. Immediately before laying should not do it, because you simply wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Relieves stress

In the cold season many people suffer from depression and boredom, sometimes moving, even in depression. For people therapists recommend taking a warm bath before bedtime. The fact that after a busy and stressful day conflicts and problems, people need rest and privacy. But bath is a lovely place to stay.

Cleans toxins from the

As you know, the hot water expands the pores from which your body more purified. Plus you can still use a loofah and body scrub to after the procedure your body smelled fresh and clean.

Helps insomnia

It is proven that people who regularly take a bath before bedtime, fall asleep faster and sleep better. For best results in hot water it is recommended to add: hops, Valerian, lemon balm, fees herbs, essential oils of peppermint and chamomile.

Strengthens the immune system

Receiving a hot bath a positive effect on the vascular and lymphatic systems, contributing to greater development of immune cells that help to fight off colds and other viruses.

Accelerates blood circulation

Due to the high temperature, taking a bath improves the blood circulation, accelerate blood circulation, dispersing blood through the vessels. Due to this, the cells receive more oxygen and also improves blood flow to the extremities, which is especially important for those who have a sedentary job.

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