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Five Breakfast options for weight loss before the New year

Пять вариантов завтрака для похудения перед Новым годомNutritionists suggested that it is better to eat in the morning, the weight gradually decreased.

Soon will come the New year is 2018 and the majority of women, as well as a small portion of men dream to meet him armed, that is beautiful and happy.

Nutritionists say that weight loss is the person in the first place, don’t just abandon the harmful and fattening foods but also completely overhaul the diet and say goodbye to eating habits.

Definitely need to eat Breakfast!

This is one of the main rules of a balanced diet. After all, eating in the morning, people will not feel wild hunger throughout the day and will reduce the risk of overeating during dinner, which will positively affect his figure.

The Breakfast options that will help to lose weight for the New year for 1-2 kg:

1. Oatmeal with any berries or a banana, Cup of unsweetened organic coffee and toast with butter.

2. Scrambled eggs with greens, vegetables, feta cheese, and unsweetened coffee with a dash of cinnamon.

3. Roll of pita bread with cooked chicken, fresh bell peppers and tomatoes as a tasty energy drink – berry smoothie with natural yoghurt and a spoon of honey.

4. A casserole of cheese with honey or Apple jam and a Cup of fragrant green tea with lemon.

5. Buckwheat steam cutlet of chicken fillet and black tea with lemon.

You can choose any of the available Breakfast options, or alternate them during the week, after which it by the New year 2018 you will notice that are lighter by 1-2 kg, and maybe more, but this is the case, if you do not eat in the evenings.

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