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Five best ways to increase the power of the car

Пять лучших способов увеличить мощность автомобиляCheap and fast.

When the car is in the order of the columns plays music and the seat is already adjusted to the driver, sometimes you want to quickly start from a traffic light, and someone to beat, going up the hill. A tiny rework your car to get more driving pleasure.

There are five simple ways by which you can easily revitalize your car and improve its acceleration. And it will cost much less than a new engine.

1. Cooling the incoming air

Cooling fresh air is the first thing to do in the pursuit of growth in the number of horsepower in the engine. The fact that cold air is more dense, so that air enters the cylinders more. More air, allow for more fuel and more fuel means more power. On a normal engine you can get extra 5 to 7 HP. All you need to lengthen the intake hose to take the air not from the hot space behind the radiator and right behind the front fascia.

2. Simplifying the exhaust system

Catalytic Converter (catalyst) in the exhaust system plays an important role – it cleans the exhaust gases. But he does it at the expense of power. The catalyst is a metal barrel full of wire mesh material. Over time, the filter material becomes clogged with debris and exhaust gases becomes difficult to get out of the engine, its capacity is reduced.

First, you can cut out the catalyst entirely, replacing it with a piece of pipe. Or, opening it to get the filter material and just throw it away. In any case, the exhaust gases are easier to get out of the engine, and it works much more effectively.

3. The use of high-octane gasoline

The use of gasoline A-98 instead of A-92 and A-95 increases engine power and reduces fuel consumption. Gasoline a-98 should be the daily norm for modern engines, jet engines, and the more often standing in traffic jams.

4. Proper configuration of wheels

There are many suspension settings that can be modified to increase the efficiency of use of power. To work correctly you need to adjust the values of the camber and toe of the wheels every 30,000 kilometers. For a faster drive, offer to set toe-in.

You can also change the size of the tires. On tires smaller car will be faster to accelerate. At the same time to decrease the maximum speed and will “lie” speedometer. To facilitate mass need to replace the old heavy rims on new tires.

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5. Flashing software

Reflashing the car’s computer is the programming of ignition timing, mixture composition and other parameters influencing the increase in power. This method is especially effective for improving of turbocharged engines.

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