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Fitness plan Selena Gomez: as a singer keeping fit

Selena Gomez

For many years now, Selena Gomez sports personal trainer Amy Rossi Davis. 25-year-old singer, who earlier this year became the face of the new advertising campaign for sports brand Puma, is actively monitoring its shape (a star with her diagnosis and after surgery to do not so easy) and trying to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. What kind of training she prefers and what kind of food now choose — tell in our article on SPLETNIK.RU.

Selena Gomez has admitted that her intense workouts are quite difficult. It’s not even that it is physically difficult to comply with them (though where without it), but the fact that the actress is elementary difficult to force myself to do it.

When it comes to training, I begin to have discipline problems. I’m one of those people who, after running five minutes, decides that this is enough

— she confessed in previous interviews.

Recently, after the leaked photos of the singer, which caused a strong reaction of Internet users (selenium criticized for the fact that she was overweight), she once again gave to understand that sports first and foremost for yourself. The singer is not seeking to be thin to fit someone else’s ideals, the main thing for it — harmony with self and health.

I choose care of myself, because I don’t want to prove anything to anyone,
she said.

Several times a week Selena met up with her coach Amy Rossi Davis, who helps her to feel healthy and toned. Favorite exercises of his ward and of the principles of nutrition, Gomez said in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. And we share her secrets with you.

1. The gluteal bridge with the legs at the knees

Its essence lies in the fact that you are lying on your back, push your pelvis up and then clench the butt and start to reduce the knees.

There are so many variants of this exercise, which with proper technique will not only help you tighten the buttocks, but also works the muscles of your hands and press

— told Rossi.

2. Strap

To ensure that the stomach was in good shape and it began to draw the coveted cubes, the trainer recommends to do the bar — one of the most effective exercises for abs. Selena is doing it regularly!


3. Pilates

The singer, according to Amy, is a big fan of these series of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscle corset, and even tries to “get” Pilates and Justin Bieber.

4. Diet

In recognition of Amy, along with Selena, they did a great job in the issue of healthy eating. If the singer is wholesome food and prefer fast food, now, though, and allows himself sometimes fries, more often than not, chooses healthy food.

5. No weights

I never weighed selenium. I don’t believe in scales, simply because it has nothing to do with health,

admits Amy Rossi.


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