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Fitness plan and meal plan Shakira: the secret to a flat stomach and curvy hips singer


While the world is closely watching the game Central defender of football club “Barcelona” and the Spanish national team Gerard Pique, we remembered his loyal combat girlfriend — Shakira. They, by the way, met in 2010 before the world Cup in South Africa. Then Colombian singer sang the national anthem in the African world Cup — song Waka Waka: Time for Africa, and Gerard participated in the filming of her music video.

Pumped press, curvy hips (which, as we know, not lying), a small waist — the figure of Shakira’s flawless with whatever side you look. It does not lag behind his chosen one and trains almost every day. The fitness mentor of the singer Anna Kaiser, spoke about the secrets of power and favorite exercises of the stars. Anna — owner of the new York sports club AKT InMotion Studio works with Shakira for many years. It was she who helped the singer lose weight after the birth of the son of Milan and the younger Sasha.


If you only dive in the world of fitness, Anna advises not to look for trouble and to start doing 30 minutes morning and evening. When the body adapts to the load (this will happen in about six weeks) to spend in the gym for an hour, again in the morning and in the afternoon.

After 16:00, our metabolism naturally slows down. The second workout shakes up the metabolism and helps the body to actively burn calories the rest of the day,— explained Anna.

The singer does not like monotonous exercise, she prefers to alternate tennis, squash, Canoeing, ballet, kickboxing, Zumba (mix of Latin dance and fitness) Pilates classes on a step-platform.

To perform the exercises simple but the hardest thing is to do them regularly, find time and overcome laziness. Shakira gives 150 percent— said Kaiser.

Star carefully works on his buttocks. For them, the Kaiser gave Shakira this exercise: sit down in a plié position (feet wider than shoulders, toes apart) and strongly tighten your buttocks 30 times.

The singer loves to dance, and it helps her to stay slim. Intensive dance burns even more calories than steady Jogging. Anna advises not to train on an empty stomach, as they like to do a lot, and 90 minutes to hike to the hall to eat a salad of quinoa and vegetables, two hard-boiled eggs and radishes or green juice that’s easy to digest and does not cause a feeling of heaviness.

In the diet coach recommends adding vitamins (folic acid and magnesium) that will provide the body with energy and help your body to cope better with workloads and stress.


Shakira, like a true latina likes foods with a high glycemic index and meat. To lose weight after having children, the singer had to change food habits. She began to eat often (5-6 times a day) and small portions (each meal is 200-300 calories). The expert believes that in this way it is possible not only to “accelerate” metabolism, but also to cope with the night “dogora”, because the energy you get from food is consumed gradually.

For lunch a celebrity can eat a piece of boiled chicken the size of a fist with a green salad, sprinkle with lemon juice, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and celery. As a snack — vegetable soup with pumpkin seeds, olive or flax oil, or protein shakes of stevia and a special chocolate blend that contains 12 grams of protein, flavored with oranges with almonds or berries.

Shakira tries closely watching what is on her plate, but, of course, sometimes afford relief. For example, she is a real chocolaholic and can not imagine life without this sweet. However, even if the star is gaining a few extra pounds, especially not reproaches for it. She believes that the body should be harmonious, not perfect and perfect.

It means that you need to eat right, drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep. I love to be in shape, because it significantly raises self-esteem and self-confidence — and that is always sexy! she said in an interview.

Healthy habits

Usually get up early, so for an hour longer to train in the gym? According to Kaiser, this is not worth. Better to give preference to sleep because it is responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Do not “chase” your body, it will not benefit your body, it will only contribute to water retention and weight and cause hunger. To exercise more and eat less — is not always the right decision. The main thing — to sleep 7-8 hours daily.

Tips for young mothers

The main thing here is to take the time to work wisely in light mode. The coach advises to begin with a deep diaphragmatic breath (inhale using the abdominal muscles) to restore muscle and simple cardio (e.g., walking outdoors).

By the way, the workouts will be more effective if in the process you will want to monitor your heart rate, it should be about 115 beats per minute (come to the aid of a fitness tracker). However, even during strength training sessions Kaiser recommends to ensure that the heart rate was rapid and the fat burning process by the body did not stop.

And you thought tips coach Shakira?

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