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Fishing only with Gerlich

Before I practiced this I catch from time to time. What can I say, I never once specifically live bait is not fished to be fishing. Just take with you just in case a few Gerlich, classic or ice. Sometimes fishing until they get around, and I put 2-3 pieces on the shore, often on the perch. Sometimes even they were shooting, and I was catching some jacks… But the imitation fish tied me to one place, and I loved to walk on the water, be sure to go for the twist… the Passion bezmetallny really pushed the imitation fish in the corner mezzanine.

But at some point I fishing on imitation fish decided to take seriously. Kohl came to do some fishing on imitation fish, it is necessary for them to catch, not to run around the pond in search of other fish. And here I am standing on a stool and a MOP trying to pull a black bag, which from last year is a pile of coils, check boxes, leashes and tees. When I looked at all this, lightning had a plan. I rushed to the nearest store, bought 9 coils and 9 check boxes in the pantry “dug” a couple of suitable pieces of wood, and by midnight I managed to make 5 zherlits on the racks.

By itself, the fishing proved to be very profitable. At the very first installations of Gerlich pike tore the bait right out of hand. It is necessary to sink to the bottom – it’s already pulling! Pike kept on the edge of the pit. Imitation fish shoots in almost all holes, except that 4 of them for the whole day, brought from 3 to 6 pounders from the same hole, and the rest – the pickerel, or one of unrealized bite. Question: the success of the wells – this is a better design imitation fish (equipment, method of mounting the bait, ease of shipment, the size of the tee), or it is the “magic” of space under it?

All my new imitation fish was equipped with the same, with the exception of loads. Some hung olive 3 g, on any – 7. Even never have occurred to try to replace regularly catching imitation fish another! Two of my most successful imitation fish had loads 7 g I always thought that the smaller the load less alarming pike. In practice, the opposite happened. A friend for all Gerlich was standing olives weighing 10 g, and he caught not worse. Impaling live bait just under the dorsal fin. He had a couple good holes.

To achieve success, us had to work. We are constantly rearranged “silent” imitation fish. Some were put closer to the more fortunate, some just in a different place, trying as much as possible to cover the drop off into the pit. If we didn’t, and, as usual, wandered around the lake in search of other fish, occasionally glancing at the imitation fish – we would thirds of our catch were not. The most interesting – first, we ran to strelovym Gerlich. But for dinner we had no strength. Walked, telling myself the phrase – let him how to swallow! Incidentally, it was on this fishing trip I learned how to pick out a tee from the throat of a pike. Is just: a surgical clip to get to the tee through the gills, a crank, and he freely slips out of the narrow fleshy places. On the same clip get released tee from the mouth.

Previous fishing showed that the pike ignored the perch as live bait. We deliberately “rested” on the roach into thinking that this is the main key to success. But once zhivtsovy roach ended, and I that the imitation fish is not idle, loaded her on a perch. To my surprise, on a perch I caught two pike. Stood around three imitation fish, charged with roach, but pike prefer to catch perch. By the way, in the same hole I caught gustarme the largest pike at 3400 g. Surprisingly, what worked the old zherlitsa, the construction of which I have long ceased to like it. Hook stood there, in my opinion, a total waste of time, the steel line is already quite crushed, and small houserock I planted under the dorsal fin. (Unlike the roach, “gusterath” and micropolicy quickly dead if you thread the leash through the esophagus). This, in my opinion, not a very good imitation fish brought from one of the holes big perch and three pike, one of which was the biggest. I was surprised by the vitality bleak as bait. I always thought that the bleak – well, very delicate baitfish. In fact, it was not so. Bleak cheerfully fought on the tee for a very long time. However, there was one problem – the perch is often caught or knocked the bait.

It turns out that it’s not in the snap-ins? Everything depends on this specific hole? If so – then, not finding the magic hole, we were content with only 1/3 of the catch?

In a week the way to this lake was cut off by the rising water level. In search of detours, I visited a couple of lakes, put imitation fish where pike in the autumn were having a “party meeting”, but didn’t see a single shot, nor the perches, nor Krasnoperov. But no regret On the contrary, the theme of zherlits more deeply penetrated in my fishing mind. This theme will certainly continue.

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