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Fishing for roach with a nozzle

To catch a roach, especially medium-sized, but still not so greedy in the middle of winter on the bite for many anglers is a handful. Is, for each caught fish you have up to two dozen fruitless bites. Because of that, and name a biting roach roguish, wrong.

Roach in the winter sometimes makes a very bad fishing and with the right approach to her opportunity to achieve quite a decent result. One of the most effective methods of fishing in the case of such a gregarious and numerous fish, like roach, is its stationary fishing with the right bait and chosen nozzle.

Just need to mention that for the active angler fishing for roach with a nozzle on the fixed gear — is a forced measure, dictated by the conditions at the pond, mainly the strong current, when any “standard” view of the lure will be too great for finicky fish. The fact that large and medium-sized rivers roach decent size falls into the fairway together with bream, white bream, white-eye, bullhead and other fish. At the beginning of freeze-up when the fish are more actively searching for food, it is possible to catch quite a kind of “Oka” jig. Further, when the winter gets harsh, more effective tackle end-sinker of the desired weight and located a bit above it (10-15 cm) and relatively long leash (1.5 m) with a light jig or hook.

Outwardly simple “Oka” the jig is well suited to fishing at medium to high for even such a careful and “thieving” to the biting fish like roach. This lure is a lead or tungsten bead with a diameter of 10 millimeters. The axis of the hole for fishing line and the shank of the hook is strictly perpendicular to each other, so on the line the jig is in the horizontal position. The relatively small size hook baits (№№14-16), the most important thing is to have a long fore — distance from the sting of the hook to the body bait (ball) is not less than the diameter of the ball.

The weight of the lure to “catch”, is selected such when she would just “feel” the bottom, that is, the minimum possible. When fishing tackle is smoothly lifted and lowered, the jig with bloodworm on the hook at the same time as it “walks” along the bottom. Of course, the line every time you have to let go a little downstream. Alarm bites is a nod, the stiffness of which corresponds to the power flow. The bite usually occurs at the moment when the jig slides on the bottom or during a pause (5-10 seconds) between lifts gear.

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The gear end with a sinker and a leash above him required, given the low activity of fish in gluhozime, for different depth and strength of the flow uses a set of removable weights pear-shaped or spherical form weighing 10-30 grams. When the current is strong and the leash “Agregat” jig type “ball” with a hook with a long forearm, but weighing only about 0.2 grams — so bait on a leash under the action of the flow will lie very close to the bottom, where the fish are looking for food. With moderate weights for weight usually does not exceed 10 grams, and instead of a jig used small and thin, “motelny” hook. Most often the main fishing line 0,12-0,14 mm, the leash is made from the highest quality fishing line with a diameter of 0.10-0.12 mm.

As for bodies of water without any appreciable flowage, that is, what is the period of gluhozime very successful when fishing for roach is a snap, figuratively called by anglers a “fool”. It is a system of “nod-sinker-hook”. As a signaller you can also use the float, the load which is slightly less than the weight of shipping, but in frosty weather, when the hole quickly freezes, a nod, looks more comfortable.

In this case, the lighter equipment, so it is more sensitive, so the weight of the sinkers does not usually exceed 0.2-0.4 gram. The distance from the hook to the sinkers is determined by the activity of the fish, the lower it is, the more is the distance and ranges from 5 to 30 centimeters. Because as bait most often used 1-2 bloodworms or larvae burdock moth, the hook should be small, thin, perfectly sharp. In many places, even a roach in gluhozime very well caught on “fool”, if the nozzle is applied small ball of manna “mash”, flavored anise oil. Thus the fish lure dry semolina — sprinkled it in the hole, it gradually gets wet and slowly sinking, attracting roaches.

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And generally, the bait when fishing for roach in difficult periods of winter appropriate at ponds and large reservoirs, where this fish is often accompanied by bream. Even when fishing without a nozzle,”,”, complementary feeding has a positive effect, as it increases the concentration of fish in the local place, so it actively pecks, which saves the angler from drilling large number of holes in the thick ice.

Bait for winter application usually consists of two main components — feed bloodworms and bread of wheat or corn crackers in the ratio 1:3. Useful in it to add any flavor (anise oil, fruit essence), but much less than for a warm summer water.

Bite roach, as when fishing with a nozzle, and the game is very diverse, and sometimes even subtle to the inexperienced angler. However, in all cases with the slightest change in the position signal of the tip of the nod must follow immediate, but short — only hand — cutting. If the fish is not caught, the bait immediately returns to its original position or at the level where the bite happened. When the number of unsuccessful sweeps is too large, the angler must either adjust the gear — the weight, the thickness of the fishing line and bait size or try to go from catching “the game” to harness the sinker and hook.

The fish sat on the hook “ordinary” roach usually is not a problem — fish weighing up to 200 grams is withdrawn from the hole smoothly-accelerated, non-stop, which prevents gatherings of this fidgety fish. However, large roach weighing over a pound very porista, and capable of making powerful jerks, having to the same soft lips. Here, in order not to lose the trophy, don’t particularly rush to play knowing that roach will soon get tired. Business success, especially when a thin fishing line, works well the use of spinning with soft dirty pole, which coil is equipped with a clamp such as a friction brake when the critical load on the tackle will gently pass the fish line.

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