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“Fisherman” John Langan will join the series “Masters of horror”

You can’t call this unexpected news (after all, we predicted this development back in April), but good call easily. The editors of foreign fiction “Astrel-SPB”, which leads the series “Masters of horror”, has confirmed that the Russian will come Rybak (The Fisherman) John Langan. Adam Neville, Laird Barron, Graham Masterton and Thomas Ligotti will be a worthy neighbor.

Quoted post from the official team follows:

Our newest series “Masters of horror”, winner of the Bram Stoker 2016, Roman John Langan “the Fisherman” the best horror of the year 2016 according to the version of Amazon and the Wall Street Journal. Epic space horror novel about a strange man whether, or not, of which the local name is only as Der Fischer, exists in the forests of Woodstock. The legends about it go far back in history, and according to legend, he can fulfill any wish, but the price can be exorbitant. It faced the main characters who have lost in life a lot, only they don’t know that sometimes even the best intentions can lead to a nightmare of truly biblical proportions.

We Langana not really published in megaverse collections you can find the pinch of short stories. However, these stories are very stand out, take at least gorgeous zombie horror “Sunset” from the anthology “the Undead”. But on a major prose author even thought was not. Now is the time to work up an appetite.

On “Fisherman” in the “Masters of horror” drew attention even before the novel has won the prestigious Bram Stoker. At the end of 2016 we have published the top ten foreign horror books of the year by “Astrel-SPb”, there is something new about it and heard:

One of the main representatives of the weird horror in our list, the so-called “quiet horror”, where the main emphasis is on atmosphere and psychology, but gradually turns off to the side of the space nightmare. Written with an eye on Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood, “the Fisherman” tells the story of two widowers who are trying to come to terms with their losses, but they know about the legend about a Fisherman, is able to realize any dream.

Well, let’s wait for, the descriptions will be a very interesting thing. On the date of publication is unheard of, but this year and so we will have something to read: the already released “Smile of darkness” Campbell, on a “Ritual” Neville and “Songs of a dead dreamer”, Ligotti. And that’s not all. In General, the time to gut the piggy Bank.

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