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Fish oil eases cancer treatment, scientists

Рыбий жир упрощает лечение онкологии, - ученые A new study confirms that this product reduces the pain in tumors.

From the research it became known that supplements existence fish oil reduces the pain threshold in patients with cancer.

Fish oil can be a great helper in the struggle with the side effects from the treatment of cancer. In two studies it was found that this dietary Supplement reduces pain in cancer, particularly in patients with breast cancer or bowel. Using fish oil can reduce the discomfort that appears after taking certain drugs or procedures, for example chemotherapy.

Significance of the study is justified by the fact that inclusion in the patient’s diet with omega-3 can improve his quality of life and make cancer treatment more successful, especially with cancer of the intestine. It is noted that this disease is often detected at a late stage and many patients are not aware of this until his death. That is why the treatment can be quite painful and the adoption of fish oil in this case is a must.

Also, this food Supplement has a positive impact on patients with breast cancer, as side effects from treatment is quite unpleasant and painful. That is why such patients need to consume fish oil in order to reduce pain threshold and a more comfortable feel.

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