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First look at the new Critters (PHOTOS)

Here they are, dear! A small alien parasites known as critters, in the second half of 80-ies and early 90-ies of the last century were making quite a splash on fans of Comedy horror. In addition, the third part of this franchise (in all there were four films) became the ticket to Hollywood Olympus for while still very young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now the work is from two very different project from this series. One of them is a new film from SyFy, the shooting of which, according to rumors, will be held next year. And about the second project we wrote, and it’s a web series “critters: the New batch” (Critters: A New Binge). Just filming and we got some great photos.

Recall that the Director Jordan Rubin (“Zombie beavers”) previously told about the web series:

I would not say that it [will be] history, since the critters already exist in [that] world. They return to Earth, so I left one of their own, and are now trying to find him. On their trail are bounty hunters. So it’s a new batch, and not an origin story like “Batman begins”, where you see how it all began. This world already exists, we can support it.
Let’s just say there was a fertilization. Was the seed that was sown, and now, perhaps, they need to find their child because they think it will help them to conquer the Galaxy.

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