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First look at the mystery Thriller “the Winchester”

It looks like an atmospheric story about the Winchester mystery House, which according to legend still wander the souls of those who were killed by the famous rifle. At least, the directing Duo of brothers Michael and Peter Spiridov promises exactly that in his new film “Winchester” (Winchester).

For those who do not know, in 1884 Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester, on the advice of a medium acquired a mansion in San Jose, California, and immediately began its restructuring on its own and very unusual plan. The corridors suddenly dead end, the stairs hit the roof, it was a real labyrinth, in which the widow was going from someone to hide. But from whom?

The said medium said that in all family troubles to blame her father-in-law of Oliver Winchester, engaged in the production of shotguns and rifles, then called in his honor. The victims of this weapon, their dead souls, killed newborn daughter Sarah, and then her husband, and now pursue the last representative of the genus. To protect them from the widow built this strange house, which stands there still, serving as a local landmark, it is believed that in those twisted corridors are still wandering hapless ghosts.

One day, on the basis of this story was already filmed under a simple title “the Ghosts of the Winchester mystery house,” but there is this whole interesting background was just a background for a standard plot with a family who is moving to a new place, and here begins all. Boo! In short, the tape was released straight to video and great fame not earned.

The brothers Spiridov all seem more serious.

The main decoration of the picture is likely to be Helen Mirren, the Oscar-winning actress for her role in “the Queen” in 2006 (sovereigns — her horse) and “Golden globe awards” and “Emmy” she must be back cabinets. In short, this is Victoria Winslow, brisk old lady-killer and MI6 agent retired from kinokomiksa “RED”. As you might guess, the 71-year-old actress will play the lead role of the widow Winchester. And it is what we can see in the first image from the film below. Strict mourning image in itself is something ghostly in this photo.

Perfect for this story:

In the center of the plot — a wealthy widow Sarah Winchester, who is convinced that it pursued the souls of the people killed from the famous weapon, invented by the father of her deceased husband. All the time and money she spends on the construction of the mansion to defend himself from ghosts. But when Eric Price, a skeptical psychiatrist from San Francisco, goes to the estate to assess her mental state, he discovers that her obsession may prove to be not so crazy…

It is known that the psychiatrist Eric Pryce will play Jason Clarke (“the Most drunk district in the world”), and the caste includes Sarah snook (“Black mirror”) and Angus Sampson (the trilogy “the Astral plane”). Script brothers Spirig co-wrote with Tom Vaughn (“Nine lives”).

The Directors you can know at a sci-Fi Thriller “Daybreakers” and “timecop” with Ethan hawke (like Ethan Hawke), and this fall we’ll see the eighth “Saw” for their authorship.

Well, the mystical “Winchester” brought to the audience a little later in Australia — 22 February 2018in the United States — on 23 February.

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