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First look at the mystery Thriller “Envelope” from the Creator of “Bridesmaid”

In the network appeared the first teaser trailer for the new movie Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo – human, which is associated with certain hopes of the fans chinkororo. Still, this guy loves dark genre, and today is almost the only horrormeister in our Palestine, who regularly takes up some of the thematic things. “Possession 18”, “the Queen of spades: Black rite”, “the Bride” – Yes, masterpieces for all time these movies will not name, but on the background of the traditional failures in the field of domestic horror, they look pretty good. And sometimes even good. Plus not to mention that with each new project, the Director adds and grows as a Director.

New film Podrevskogo is called the “Envelope.” In an interview with the “Zone of Horror”, the Director called it a mystical Thriller and said that this time the script will not of his authorship. This information could please those critics who praised the visual part of movies Podrevskogo, but scolded them for plot stupidity. In the end, the script meets Ilya Kulikov, a famous television writer, Creator of the TV series “through My eyes” and “Chernobyl: exclusion Zone”. And that story will form the basis of the “Envelope”:

Igor — careless driver of one of the Moscow architectural companies. Usual in the morning, arriving at work, he finds the envelope delivered to their office by mistake. The Secretary asks Igor to take the letter to the right address, since he is in the next street. Since then, the life of Igor changes dramatically — an unusual envelope as if by someone’s evil will pursues Igor. Attempts to get rid of it lead to nothing, the envelope does not let his “postman”, plunging the main character into a matrix of strange events and mysterious characters. To get out of it only one way — by bringing the ill-fated letter to its final destination.

The film was completed in April, the budget amounted to 120 million rubles. In the “Envelope” starred Igor Lizengevich, Julia Peresild, Olga Medynich, Sergei Barkovsky, Dmitry Kulichkov , and others. As was produced by Konstantin Buslov. Release date of the film has yet to be announced but it is expected that the premiere will take place at the end of the year.

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