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First look at the episode “Terror”

Long or short, and we can finally throw the first look at TV adaptation of one of the best horror novels of the 21st century, “Terror” (The Terror) Dan Simmons. Producing production company Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, and we all know what the outstanding level reached the modern TV series, so this project forward very, very much.

Meanwhile we have the first teaser posters of the series and its official synopsis.

In 1845 an expedition under the command of an experienced Arctic Explorer sir John Franklin embarks on ships “Terror” and “Erebus” to the North coast of Canada in search of a Northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific — and disappears. The search for her dragged on for several decades, her fate was going to literally bit by bit, and still the picture is full of white spots… Dan Simmons, the famous author of “Hyperion” and “Endymion”, “Ilium” and “Olympus”, “Song of Kali” and “the Dark game of death,” offers his version of events: the main threat for the expedition was not a crushing embrace of the ice, not cold with a Blizzard and not spoiled canned — unknown giant monster, as if woven of snow and polar darkness.

Premiere of “Terror” on American TV will take place this fall.

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