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First look at “Saint Agatha” by Darren Lynn of Bosmana

In the stage of post production is a new film by Darren Lynn of Bosman, Director second, third and fourth “Saw”. On account of the Director and a lot of other horror movies: “Abatoir. The labyrinth of fear”, “11-11-11”, “the Devil’s Carnival”, “Heath”, “mother’s Day” (2010). In General, man is intensively working in genre cinema, although the quality of the product is not always pleasing to fans.

Fresh project Bousman is called “St. Agatha” (St. Agatha), and represents yet another entry into the territory of religious horror.


50-ies of XX century, a small town in Georgia. Pregnant con artist by the name of Agatha, being on the run, seeking refuge in the monastery. At first, this seems like the perfect place to have a baby, but soon the heroine opened its terrifying secrets and a dark side. Agatha waiting for the real test when she finds out the painful truth about the monastery and about the strange people that are hiding within.

Well, that sounds quite interesting, nuns and horror now increasingly go hand in hand. Above the script was a whole team: Andy Demetrio, Shaun Fletcher, Sarah Cometti and Clint Sears. However, the visible successes as writers, these guys can not boast. But we need something to start, right?

In the cast noticed Sabrina Kern, Carolyn Hennessy (“ray Donovan”), Courtney Halverson (“Remove from friends”, “True detective”), Seth Michaels (“Eden”), Trin Miller (“Captain fantastic”), Lindsay Seim (the”Astral: Chapter 2″) and others.

We have a few shots and the movie poster. Look one eye in the sinister monastery. So far it looks pretty quiet, but we know how quickly the horror, things can change.

Date of the premiere of “St. Agatha” is not reported.

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