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First look at “Annihilation” with Natalie Portman

That novel Jeff vandermeer state of”Annihilation” will be filmed, became known in 2014. For the post of Director was appointed Alex garland (“machines”), more known for his screenwriting work (“Hell”, “28 days later”, “Judge Dredd 3D”). He managed to gather an impressive cast in the person of Natalie Porman (“Black Swan”), Tessa Thompson (TV series “the Wild West”), Jennifer Jason Leigh (“the hitcher”, “Disgusting eight”), Gina Rodriguez (“Deepwater horizon”), Sono Mizuno (“La La land”) and Oscar Isaac (“Star wars: the force Awakening”). In General, it was a mere trifle: to make good movies.

Recall the plot of “Annihilation” (Annihilation):

No one knows where did Area X — deadly territory, teeming with anomalous phenomena. There are not running monster, there do not bring trophies and hunters for profit there is not ply. A secret government organization sends to the Zone one research expedition after another, but most often they do not return or come back, but elusive and terribly moving. Will the new, twelfth expedition to Area to achieve what has failed predecessors, and uncover the secrets of this accursed place? Leaving behind the names and previous lives, four women — a psychologist, biologist, anthropologist, and surveyor — sent into alien, inhuman secret…

In the Network appeared the first frame of the movie. It is possible to contemplate the character of Natalie Portman, poking around in the jaws of an alligator. But this alligator is not quite regular; in the Area of IKS in General is rarely that common.

Despite the fact that the book “Annihilation” is the beginning of a trilogy, the garland does not take his film as part of a possible cycle. In an interview, he admitted that looking at the painting as a self-sufficient thing and any sequels until thinks. He may be reinsured after “Dredd”, when told about plans for the franchise, but in the end it is not burnt. Anyway, garland walked down the sequels for sequels and complained that it cost the creators to smell the money as it will definitely affect the history not the best way. In the final, should be a clear point, not an ellipsis.

Well, the man is entitled to an opinion. However, if the film is shot at the box office and become a hit, there’s unlikely to do without a continue. But without the garland and to do.

The world premiere of “Annihilation” will be held on 22 February 2018. In Russia the film will bring “Central partnership”, but a little later: 8 Mar.

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