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First ice the pike

As soon as the first ice, many anglers go after the pike. She is now at the peak of activity, it feeds both day and night, probably tends to stock up on fat for the winter. Predators from the ice are caught on spinners and imitation fish.

The pike fishing on blesny and balance weights good on large reservoirs, where the predator migrates but also in places exactly where the famous Park of the predator and its concentration is large. In cases where the concentration of fish are small or there is a strong pressure on the part of anglers, predators become careful and choosy. Then come to the aid of imitation fish. They also help during the hunt for the biggest trophies, which are often caught only at night and at the sunrise.

Almost all the fishermen karmyshakov and poplavochnikov, there is a negative perception of Gerlich, lined up in neat rows across the pond. I should note that this happens but besides spoiling the landscape much harm these series gear do not bring in the low power efficiency. It’s like that to stand spinning in one place and day and night to make casts in the same spot. Someday, maybe, and bite.

However, zherlitsa, as tackle, not lost, and I think that will not soon lose its relevance. The question is, how to use it effectively.
In my experience, there are two options interesting and effective fishing using zherlits, but before to explain what will briefly remind you about the design of the equipment.
Almost all design zherlits reduced to the scheme, which involves the use of four basic elements. Strut, coil with fishing line, the signaller of bite and snap. The classic stand is a imitation fish or a piece of wood, or cut an angular profile made of aluminum with a length of one meter, but typically the length is 30-60 cm Coil with fishing line usually made of plastic or Styrofoam. Signaller of bite or make from a wide clock spring or the coil spring.

On a rack of wood (birch) in the upper part is mounted rotating bracket made of duralumin profile. At the free end of the bracket is the axle for the coil. On the axle is worn out the spool of fishing line and it can be controlled axis by using cut soft cambrica. Swivel bracket can be replaced by a simple axle that goes through the rack. Wooden stand can be replaced by a rack of metal area, but this is not good, because the careless touch of metal in the cold can be freezing fingers to the metal. There is an interesting design zherlits, in which the rack is made in the form of a tripod. It is compact during transport, lightweight and can be installed on any ice. Now the most common design in which the base of the imitation fish are made in the form of a platform which closes the hole. The platform has a slot for holding the fishing line to the center of the hole. The only thing you should pay attention to when choosing such products is the build quality.

Snap any imitation fish consists of hook, line and sinker. Personally, I use snap-ins from the fishing line 0.3 mm-0.35 mm, single hook number 1 or 1/0, leash from the line, 0.5 mm (if the object is catching a big pike, I used fishing line 0.6 mm). As shipping use olive or caracino weight of 3-15 g. Twine must be wound on the coil not less than thirty feet. Need this for several reasons. First, rarely know where you can still carry on fishing and depth of fishing may be twenty meters. Secondly, when fishing in the “strong” areas frequent “blind” hooks, and tackle you have to break off. Thirdly, it so happens that catches large pike, which grabs the bait and, without stopping, moved on. I had such cases, when it is not time to run to the imitation fish, pike unwound all the line, broke the rack, broke off the line and was gone. The leash connects with the main line through the swivel, which is at the same time and a stopper for the sliding sinkers.

I think that is better to use single hooks, but large in size, although many of my friends successfully caught using doubles. Suggest to the coil to apply a black felt-tip pen sector. Then it will be good to see, winds up or pike fishing line after the fish to bite.

Except zherlits, which it is necessary to have at least a dozen, we need an additional set of coils with light snap-ins, because if you are going to catch perch, you will have to change the snap-on is more subtle.

Additional supplies you will need: a drill with a diameter of not less than 150 mm, and even better a good Icepick, a scoop for cleaning the holes from the ice, Kanna for live bait, depth gauge, zevnik and hook. Better gaff telescopic, length in working condition 60-80 cm

Instead of Cannes, you can use the trimmed package from the milk, or a small plastic bucket, but it is the case that bait to catch directly in the statement of Gerlich. It is not always possible. The fact that typically the pike begins to take until sunrise, but the bait “in the dark” peck does not want to, and it turns out that the angler misses the bite this early, if not will stock up on live bait in advance. And the most insulting is that at dawn, bite the big fish. Some bait fish such as perch or roach, to catch ahead of fishing is not difficult, but the stock carp or rotan costs in advance.

The choice of bait is important. It is seen that depending on the reservoir, the predator prefers live bait or other types. Traditionally, the live bait used small carp. Carp are easy to preserve for quite a long time in an ordinary bucket. Those who have the opportunity, stocking minnow or small rotan. The worst bait I believe roach. You never know a hundred percent, if the infected roach band parasite or not. And pike knows the infected fish and not taking it. If I’m fishing on an unfamiliar body of water, my long experience suggests that in the aggregate for and against a universal live bait should be recognized bass.

When fishing on large bodies of water use the following tactics. On the large square imitation fish are placed in promising areas (eyebrows, deep watering, borders of vegetation around snags, slides), and after a take go to trolling, where was the grip pike or walleye.

This tactic saves you time search of active fish. Often enough to have a no more than a dozen zherlits. If you know the topography of the reservoir, it is sufficient to just 3-5 pieces. Moreover, the production of “extra” gear leads to unnecessary loss of precious time. After a take, regardless of the outcome, it makes sense to just remove the hooks under the ice and drop into the hole spoon. This way it is possible to catch with holes not one walleye, and a couple.

Because I find more often on relatively small lakes and quarries, then apply a different tactic. After a take on one of Gerlich beside her concentrate another two or three tackles. If the bite at first from the exposed gear there within the hour, I move it to the end of the chain. So, gradually within a short day it is possible to rearrange 6-8 Gerlich two or three times. The effectiveness of such tactics, for example, on the lake Trostenskoe much higher than using hundreds of Gerlich set square-cluster method for the entire season.

Running fishing requires constant attention, so it does not coincide with the fishing lure or float snap-in. All the “free” time is spent on the search for new promising holes, the replenishment of the bait, the test gear. Often you have to redo the snap-in to the process of fishing. Very often after idling bite manages to seduce pike spoon, a balancer or a Twister on a jig-head that brings a lot more joy than dull contemplation of the garden of frozen gear.

When fishing peaceful fish on lured holes sometimes it makes sense to put a number one or two imitation fish, so how about a bream or roach, you may receive a large predator, usually solitary. But to put imitation fish need intelligently in exact chosen place and do not disturb the tackle before the end of the fishing. In this lottery there are prizes.

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