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First ice – the first surprise

An endless string of red lights in front of my hood and headlights behind the car and admired, and made me nervous. That day, Saturday November 26, in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, where lakes and Eric are guaranteed to become ice, from Volgograd left, probably all anglers. All go fast, because to overtake for free, but snow covered the “oncoming” terrible. And hardly somebody in this caravan goes fishing!

Next, in a clear scenario of the cars swerves, Leninsky bridge part on the pontoon bridge at Kapustin Yar. I went on to pologoe zaymische. We have two cars crossed the Akhtuba cap-Yar and immediately went to the right. Where in the plains the winds the largest.

The first call

Like many anglers on this day, we first visited the lake, which in the same year (4 January) caught a nice perch on the first ice. At the lake we were not the first. Immediately began to drill in a place where the long lake narrows, where increasingly, there are thick bushes of algae, among which roam the thick striped perch. I always thought the balancer and lure fishing for perch on the first ice of the most successful baits. So, without thinking, pulled the rod with the balancer. After five to seven strokes felt a cautious knock on it, but the next bite, as usual, was not followed. I cling to the grass under the hole. Sat on the other – the same thing. The grass did not allow the normal balancer to “walk”. Maybe I would have continued to look for the treasured hole, where the grass is bordered by a clean bottom, but past me at a fast pace were two angler rassverlivat and oblasova new wells. The men in one voice complained about bellevie. That bass on the spinner knocks, but not pinpoint. Or very small, or very lethargic. But already my companions hunker down. All three catch on blesny and balance weights. Well, perhaps we should try “goat.” It is possible to catch in the thick grass, loves her perch and big roach too much.

However, the first bite I saw immediately. Gradually watching their comrades, I fiercely shook the bait, remembering how it’s done. At one point, someone on MiG stopped Mylar nod, I automatically hooked and easily removed from the hole a perch for 250 grams. What? Nice! Even if they will be caught on the thing in 30 minutes – normally. A small thing I do not care. But, after 30 minutes or 45 no longer tempted my “goat”. The General meeting decided to go further into the floodplain. To look for happiness.

Second call

The weather is good, barely noticeable breeze, sometimes breaks down in the snow. In General, a kind of holiday weather. One annoying – who’s the first guy to go on first ice? But, thank God, all Eric where we were, the ice is safely kept any of us. We tried to fish in various lakes and outspoken puddles, and in the autumn was spotted groupers. Finally, tired from fishing at depths of not more than half a meter, stopped at a deep. On the ice was visible from the old hole, drilled different places with different frequency. No way – fishing for perch! I again went to the side of constriction (perch likes it), where they found quite often Naberevnye old frozen hole, and began to methodically drill holes in this place.

To catch started on bezmetallny jig because he saw the angler who caught roach on bloodworm. So, it is here! Only here do not bite, and that’s it. I’ve done the last three holes to test a comrade passed by and told me that they have only a couple perch caught, I have two checked out and decided to check the latter, and then return to his comrades… but in this last hole started catching perch. Not to say that huge, not to say that pot-bellied… Ordinary riparian perch, among which 150 grams seem to be quite solid. And then began a little show. My friends that called, came to the rescue. No, not in order to opurity, but just out of interest. Why am I one of the wells is already the seventh was caught, and they have a balancer – or “GU-GU”? They drilled near three meters, and even dipped my spoon into my hole, but perch continued to bite only on my jig. Amazing! Although anything can happen.

I noticed that most of the bites I was near the bottom, and above, about a meter from the bottom. Also noted about two of the most effective ways to post your jig. It is a combination of slow recovery with very high frequency shaking, which just is able to, and slow recovery in General, without any shaking. Bite often with a sharp change transaction.

The curtain!

However, the bass was small, and only pecked at me. We decided to go there, where will bite at all. Again, we have tried several lakes in search of treasured Okuneva fossa. Imagine a small lake-sized two-bedroom apartment and a depth of 2.5 meters. Such depth is not easy to find in the floodplain, and especially in such a discreet corner of one of the winding shallow channels. On the third hole we felt the drop off from 1 meter to 2.5. And again, the perch was caught just me, and again solely on bezmetallny jig. Though cry, though laugh. I have caught, and they don’t even bite, did not see! In the meantime, I stumbled perch grams per 300, and the next hole as much as 400! For such a small fossa – the giant! Next, a very respectable gathering, which I could not immediately shift the perch from the place, gave to understand that now bite soon. And friends already waiting for me near the machines. They ran out of patience to watch as I fish. Had to wind up the fishing rod and guiltily looking at his feet, to go to the next lake.

On this day, learned about myself, as I thought, the whole truth. And that my conscience is gone, and that I their actions provoke a scandal among fellow anglers, and I’m not fishing, and he “wanted to hit in the mouth”… All this, of course, the irony of friends, once again confirming the originality of the behavior of fish. In fact, I have a conscience… But they don’t have bezmaternyh rods.

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