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First footage and new details 11 of season x-files!

Good old green men are back in business! Well, that is, in fact, they are rather gray. Filmed in Sepia. Well, you know…

The magazine Entertainment Weekly published the first image from the upcoming season 11 of “Secret materials” and also shared some new details about its plot.

Regrettably, only two, but it is clear that we will encounter aliens. Who is that standing next to a humanoid? A Young Smoker? Possible. However, the dress and the hairstyle of the lady on the right is more consistent with the era of the 40’s (and Smoker had only just hatched and smoked except for garages), but maybe she doesn’t follow fashion? View.

In any case the Smoker, we’ll see. According to EW, he will be part of history.

In another picture we see Gillian Anderson in a hospital bed and David Duchovny, clearly worried for her health. This is quite surprising, since we said goodbye to heroes in a time when immune to the virus Scully tried to help Mulder, who was just about to kick off. Here, apparently, the partners switched places.

Generally, this season the partners have to re-converge. Will join their long-lost son William, from whom Mulder and Scully had to be abandoned for his own safety. Here, of course, will again be drama, but the season promises Comedy moments. Probably, with the “monsters of the week”.

In addition, perhaps we will have a betrayal of an old friend. Project showrunner Chris Carter warns that long-suffering character of Mitch Pillegi, former boss of Mulder and Scully may not be what it seemed.

Old ties cracking at the seams.

I hope Skinner will unmask and will be an alien.

Anyway, the x-files will return in 2018.

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