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First aid for the diabetic during a hypoglycemic faint

Неотложная помощь диабетику во время гипогликемического обморокаNo one diabetic is not immune from hypoglycemia, so it is very important to know how to help the patient.

Hypoglycemic syncope can occur at any time. This phenomenon is associated with a sharp decrease in the level of glucose in the blood of a person suffering from diabetes. Often hypoglycemia leads to coma and even death if the diabetic does not provide timely assistance.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia:

– pale face and absent-mindedness;

– the feeling of hunger;

– anxiety, panic attack and heart palpitations;

– excessive irritability;

– speech disorder;

– loss of consciousness.

Very often an attack of hypoglycemia people confused with alcohol intoxication, because the diabetic is unable to control your movements and speech. So, if you met a man, who by their appearance are more like drunk, do not hesitate to approach him and ask what was the matter. Maybe you see a diabetic and he has developed hypoglycemia, and hence required immediate assistance.

How to help someone during a hypoglycemic syncope?

First and foremost, a person need to feed, but not everything that comes to hand, a product containing carbohydrates. It can be candy, chocolate, sweet pastry, fruit juice and so on. After 10-15 minutes again to give a diabetic something carbohydrate. But if his condition worsens call an ambulance.

When a person has already lost consciousness from the sharply reduced level of glucose in the blood, then try to feed or water it is a bad idea. In this case, without doctors is not enough, because you can confuse faint from a hypoglycemic coma.

In any case, do not attempt to inject the patient with insulin, because his surplus will lead to more problems. If insulin more than glucose – it just leads to hypoglycemia.

Stay with the person until, until he feels better or not to be doctors. In this case, leaving alone the diabetic can cost lives.

By the way, hypoglycemic syncope can catch not only diabetic, but also of a man who is exhausted by hunger or had alcohol intoxication, and also has kidney disease or cancer of the pancreas, hormonal failure and hepatitis.

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