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First aid for anaphylactic shock before the ambulance

Первая помощь при анафилактическом шоке до приезда "скорой"The doctors explained that can save the life of the man who has anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylactic shock (AFS) is an acute reaction of the body to penetrating any of the allergen. Among the substances that can cause a similar reaction, there are poisons, food, pharmaceuticals, and plants, including medicinal herbs.

AFS is manifested in three phases and the first person needs emergency medical aid, so the main thing you need to do is call an ambulance.

The symptoms of anaphylactic shock as its development:

– in case of contact with the allergen, the skin appears swelling of intense red colour, which begins to itch wildly;

if the allergen came in the blood, the person will experience nausea that causes vomiting or sharp pain in the epigastric region;

– difficulty breathing and shortness of breath;

– lowering blood pressure;

– feeling of anxiety and discomfort;

– cyanosis of lips and extremities;

– loss of consciousness;

– the cold sweat and rapid heartbeat.

After the doctors save man with anaphylactic shock it another week or two will feel weakness and lethargy, and decreased appetite.

These symptoms will manifest depending on the shape of the flow, that is, when the most severe form ATS the allergic person can lose consciousness and die. So the delay in helping a person is absolutely impossible and is fraught with sad consequences.

How to help a person in anaphylactic shock?

As we have seen, in the first place you should call an ambulance immediately and proceed to emergency methods, namely:

– to put the allergies on the floor, his legs to raise and the head turn to the side;

– if AFS overtook the person in the room – immediately open Windows and to free his neck from the clothing, so that he was able to breathe;

– if the person stopped breathing and no pulse – it is necessary to do artificial breath through a wet cloth and chest compressions;

– apply to the skin irritation ice or something very cold, in the case where a person was bitten by a poisonous insect to squeeze the stinger or use a tourniquet just above the bite so that the poison does not spread through the blood on.

Doctors initially introduced into the organism of the allergic person a dose of adrenaline, and then observe the patient’s condition. When adrenaline is not valid and the person can’t breathe, he can open the airway for flow of air in them.

People with allergies should be always “on guard” and at the slightest allergic reactions to any substance immediately call an ambulance or go to hospital.

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