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Firsov announced the intention to establish a political party

Фирсов сообщил о намерении создать политическую партиюThe working title of the party “Alternative”.

Former member of Parliament Yegor Firsov announced the intention to establish a political party, which will be focused on the Donbass. The working title is “Alternative”.

On the eve of the public organization “the Center for the study of Eastern Ukraine” in cooperation with associate Professor of industrial sociology, Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko, candidate of sociological Sciences Alexey Borovsky conducted a survey about political preferences on government-controlled parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

He showed that Donbas residents are ready to vote in the first place for the Pro-Russian party, primarily over the “For life” and “Opposition bloc”. The three most popular politicians there included Eugene Moore, Vadim Rabinovich and Yuriy Boyko.

Firsov considers that Donbass no one works, except the former regions, from here and such result.

“If Ukraine has no political force that could efficiently and systematically to work with the population in the southern and Eastern regions (I do not take into account the fifth column) and to confront there the revenge of Pro-Russian forces, just have to do it yourself. There’s no other way”, – he wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

The initiative group that will work on the creation of the party, except Firsova will include the journalist Denis Kazanskiy, blogger and communications Director of the project “the price of the state” Nicholas Malucha, coordinator of the “Society 22 fierce” Denis Kaplunov, head of Ukrainian Association of immigrants Ruslan Kalinin, assistant Firsov Alexey Matasov.

“The working title of the new party “Alternative”, because in troubled regions too often we hear the phrase “there is no alternative,” said Firsov.

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