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Firefox new generation works twice as fast

Браузер Firefox нового поколения работает вдвое быстрееFirefox Quantum claims the title of fastest browser.

After a year since the announcement of project Quantum — engine for the Firefox web browser — development has finally lost the status of closed test solutions. Transformed it in the beta version of Firefox under the number “57” is a tool for surfing the web fundamentally new level. And to isolate it against the background of previous versions, Firefox 57 the Assembly was given a separate name. And his name — Firefox Quantum.

Firefox Quantum in comparison with last year’s 52nd version of Firefox shows a two-fold increase in performance on all fronts. At this stage, the browser is available only in the form of the test application: to assess the benefits of Firefox, Quantum will be able as PC users and owners of mobile gadgets running Android and iOS. A full release is scheduled for November 14, 2017.

According to representatives of Mozilla rendering web content in Firefox, Quantum is taking advantage of multiple CPU cores, saving treasured seconds when rendering heavy web pages. Who global CSS improvements-engine and tweaked the algorithm works with multiple tabs (the currently open tab has priority in loading over that which you are looking at) do Firefox Quantum really comfortable and preferred method of immersion in the Network. Complement the list of individual characteristics interface Photon with adaptation for displays with high DPI, and automatic scaling features of the touch input.

The key advantage of Firefox over Quantum as the eponymous predecessor, and over its closest competitors, is more sparing use of browser memory.

“Firefox Quantum is perceived much faster, but uses 30% less RAM,” wrote Mozilla Vice President responsible for the promotion of Firefox.

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