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Fir oil: useful properties and application

Пихтовое масло: полезные свойства и применениеEssential fir oil from time immemorial is known for its healing qualities.

Fir oil has long been used in folk medicine to treat a wide range of diseases.

Scientific studies have confirmed its unique properties, and now fir oil occupies a worthy place in a number of natural therapeutic drugs.

Fir oil has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the nervous system – radiculitis, plexitis, myositis, etc., where the cure rate reaches 90. Simply RUB it in after a warm bath before sleep, in those areas of the body where pain is felt.

With periodontal disease (bleeding gums) it is recommended to moisten the bandage fir oil and apply on the gums not more than 15 minutes (avoid burns). The course includes 25-30 applications, in six months it is recommended to repeat. If remain weak symptoms even after 6 months. it is advisable to hold a third course of treatment fir oil.

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Fir oil also helps to relieve toothache: it is enough to drip on the fleece a little oil and apply it to the tooth first one side and then the other (hold for 15 min).

Fir oil is used for treatment of influenza, and the proposed method allows to get rid of the flu in just a day, during which the whole body of the patient need to fully RUB fir oil every 5-6 hours. Disposable you can use 4-5 grams, but not more than 7 g of pine oil as it deeply penetrates the skin and in the case of overdose can cause palpitations.

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With the help of pine oil can be avoided manifestations of herpes: as soon as the first morbid symptoms, is the place you need to RUB or fir oil, or 15-20 minutes of applying cotton wool soaked with oil. If herpes is already out there, in order to avoid formation of abscess oil-soaked cotton wool several times a day applied to the affected area.

For pain in the joints, hands rubbing the painful areas of pure pine oil; arthritis and inflammation of rheumatic nature of the procedure performed prior to bedtime for 20-30 days.

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