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Finland decided in 15 years to achieve carbon neutrality

Финляндия решила за 15 лет добиться углеродной нейтральности

The Finnish government has set an ambitious goal — to turn the country carbon neutral in just 15 years. This is stated in the Yle material.

Finland wants to achieve zero balance between the emissions of carbon dioxide and its absorption by the environment. First, the “bad” index is three times ahead of second — 60 million tonnes against 20 million

By 2035 “these figures should be compared, 20 and 20”, write the journalists.

To achieve this, you need to almost abandon the use of coal, reduce deforestation, “run NPP Olkiluoto and increase the share of wind power”. In the transport sector will play a role in the transition to biofuels and electric vehicles. The most effective measure for agriculture “would reduce consumption of meat”, but it becomes vegetarians or vegans, solves separately each person, not the state.

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