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Fine art poster fantasy PERSPECTIVE

Sci-Fi Thriller “Perspective” got a new poster. The previous posters were also good, but this one is special. It was created by artist Christopher shy, and the characteristic technique if the wizard looks familiar, don’t be surprised. It the brush has debut, blood red poster “Mandy”, which we published back in January of this year. Shay works great with color, with details and arts are very interesting to look at up close.

Oh, and as for the movie itself, the plot of “Prospects” is as follows:

A teenage girl and her father travel to a distant alien moon, hoping to get rich. They signed a contract for the development of large deposits of rare precious stones hidden in the depths of the toxic forest this moon. But in the midst of the wilderness you can meet other pilgrims, so that an ordinary job, soon develops into a real struggle for survival. Forced to confront not only the ruthless inhabitants of the forest, but his greedy companion with clouded mind, the girl understands that she needs to hack their own way to escape from here.

In the scenario on the eponymous short film of 2014, which its creators Christopher Caldwell and zeek Earl successfully turned in, as they say, a very good full meter.

Starring: Sophie Thatcher (TV’s “the exorcist”), Pedro Pascal (“Game of thrones”), Jay Duplass (“Obvious”) and Andre Royo (“the Collector 2”).

In the US “the Future” will see a November 2, 2018.

Topic: the Brutal PROSPECT to die far from their native planet (TRAILER)

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