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Find the differences: Zoe Kravitz reiterated a candid photo shoot of his mother Lisa Bonet 30 years later

Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz

29-year-old Zoe Kravitz, daughter of actress Lisa Bonet and singer Leni Kravitz, nature does not rest in the fact that zoey was taken from the parents only the best, now you can make a lot. On Sunday, Rolling Stone magazine announced in Instagram the cover of the November issue, and longtime subscribers it may seem very familiar.

The fact that candid photo shoot, which starred Zoe Kravitz, fully reproduces the survey of 1988, where the main character was her mother, actress Lisa Bonet, which at that time was 20 years old. However, as they say, children should surpass their parents, and Zoe did it: if Bon posed for the cover of half-naked, hiding behind a white shirt, Kravitz appeared in front of the camera without any clothes on.

I always loved this cover! When I think of Rolling Stone, it always occurs in my head. This stunning picture of my mother!

— shared Zoe’s own emotions.

Reporters also asked Kravitz, whom she can call a sexy, hot person.

For me is someone who is energetic, confident, one who is in harmony with itself,

— said Zoe.

However, and here it may be noted that Kravitz seems to be my mother’s daughter 30 years ago, Lisa Bonet gave a very similar definition.

People think you’re curvy, if you see on TV. But for me, this quality is possessed by those who shows uncompromising, who does not want to fit in the frame, who is independent and not afraid to be who he really is.

This coincidence has led Zoe to the delight.

We are so similar! I really never heard her answer to this question. Perhaps, I imbibed it with mother’s milk,

noted Kravitz.

And what cover do you prefer?

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