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Find out the horror film’s tagline (TEST)

Not so long ago we were surprised by the Russian film “Upgrade”, which slapped the mention of “venom”. To attract viewers, and sometimes are not capable of that. On the other hand, and draws anyone’s attention to these slogans? Let’s check!

Zone Horror is a new test, and today we are going to identify movies (horror, but not only) for short phrase on the posters. In fact it is not so easy, because not everyone remembers the slogans, even the most beloved paintings. Of course, there are some celebrity like “In space no one can hear you scream”, but most of these things quickly fade from memory.

So there you go. 20 questions, 20 films from different years, 20 slogans. To avoid disputes about translations, all texts are taken from IMDb. Test your knowledge and intuition and don’t forget to talk about the results in the comments.

PS: pictures here are just pictures, tips (with rare exceptions) are not. Good luck to everyone!

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