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Film the DARK TOWER was released. 28 years ago!

No, it’s not about Amateur short films based on the works of Stephen king. A full feature film lasting one hour and twenty minutes, the horror-Thriller “the Dark tower” (Dark Tower) was released on March 29, 1989, and has been removed even earlier, in 1987, that is absolutely thirty years ago.

Any relation to Stephen king, or “the Dark tower” model 2017 this film, of course, has not. About him very few people remember, few people saw it, few people liked it. The interest of this “Dark tower” is only for fans of Yes rarities for ardent fans of the horror genre. Well, that is for you 🙂

The synopsis of the film sounds like this:

The police and scientists-parapsychologists had every reason to be called a modern building, built according to the project of the main character, a sinister tower: very many deaths have been linked to the skyscraper. From construction cradles from the height of the 29th floor has fallen worker who was cleaning the glass. Guard-COP is a night and crashed in the Elevator, which, as it turned out, was fully functional. Another policeman suddenly pulled out a gun and began shooting into the mass of servants who at the end of the day came out of the building. Three dreadful state of emergency in just a day and a half, not counting the death of the spouse of architectors, who died when the skyscraper was being built! And his body was never found…

But the trailer looks like the following:

It was a film of the VHS era, and in the production of it involved three countries: the USA, UK and Spain (the film was shot in Barcelona). The author of the script was Robert George. Avrek, on which account also the plot of “the Hitchhiker” and “body double”, also from the 80s.

Filmmakers had just two. Experienced Freddie Francis greatest career success as a cameraman. Among other things, its cinematography twice, in 1961 and 1990, was awarded the prize “Oscar”. He made for the famous Martin Scorsese’s Thriller “Cape fear” (1991).

However, as a Director, the Briton was obviously not devoid of talent. In particular, a hand and head to the creation of several now classic horror films as a “day of the triffids” (1962), “House of horrors Dr. Terror” (1965), “Tales from the crypt” (1972 – not to be confused with the famous TV series… however, on this series Francis also had to work hard), “the Ghoul” (1975). You might not see these movies after so many years, but some of them must have heard. Interestingly, “the Dark tower” was his last directorial work, although in the movie, Francis had a long career and died in 2007 at the ripe old age of 89.

Film poster of “Tales from the crypt”.

His colleague, American Ken Wiederhorn alive today (he is now 72 years old). His career in the film industry was not so successful, although as the writer and Director of genre cinema, Widerhorn also managed to show themselves. His debut was a movie about zombie Nazis “In the Wake of terror” (1977) with Peter Cushing and John Carradine – this tape and now ranks among the best films of similar subjects. Then there was the “Eyes of a stranger” (1981) with a young Jennifer Jason Leigh, “return of the living dead 2” (1988) – continuation of the cult horror-Comedy Dan O’bannon. Before he could work on television, including the TV series “Freddy’s Nightmares” (1988). The last film of Wiederhorn was the Thriller “house in the hills” (1993) with Michael Madsen in the lead role.

A scene from the movie “the wave of terror.”

In the cast of “the Dark tower” special stars to find. But, as in the case of the film, does not mean that it was filmed there entirely mediocrity. One of the main roles was performed by Michael Moriarty – owner, for a moment, three Emmys (1974, 1978, 2002) and one Golden globe (1979). Moriarty is primarily known as a television actor, but in the filmography it was a place several films, including genre “the stuff” (1985), “Troll” (1985), “along came a spider” (2001). The company he was Jenny Agutter, Carol Lynley, Kevin McCarthy – a strong Pro, the latter was even nominated for “Oscar” in 1952.

What this team happened in the end? In fact – no good. Started working on the film, Widenhorn, and finished – Francis. Both eventually chose to hide their names from the credits – there was listed as a Director of a not existed in reality Ken Barnett. The shooting took place in 1987, and the release of straight on videotape – took place only in 1989 that also speaks volumes.

The online TV Guide called the film

…boring, talkative, and incoherent Thriller

And reviews and reviews of it are hard to find even in the English-speaking segment of the Internet. And despite the fact that at least in 2015 the film is in the public domain on YouTube. If you speak English and if you want to know about another “Dark tower” – welcome:

Cover of one of the VHS editions of the film.

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