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Fighting insomnia: some quick tips

Борьба с бессонницей: несколько простых советовIf a person is sleep disturbance, quality of life is significantly reduced.

Who from us though time in life did not try counting sheep trying to fall asleep.

Sleep problems regularly occur in 30-45% of people, and, statistically, half of them become chronic. Among the consequences of insomnia include fatigue, irritability, problems with concentration. Direct and indirect annual costs related to sleep disorders, only in the U.S. are estimated at $ 100 billion.

The problems can be not only difficult to fall asleep. Alternatively, people can quickly fall asleep, but often Wake up in the night. Or the dream may not be sufficiently long for full relaxation of the body.

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“The causes of sleep disorders can be different,” says Vladimir Beloshitskiy, doctor-neurologist of European clinic Eurolab. Accordingly, to approach the struggle with insomnia should be different.

If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping for 2-3 days due to stress, problems at work or in the family, try to normalize psycho-hygienic relations. Experts recommend to arrange a work day to take for a habit to take a walk before bed to read at night. Will help you sleep a glass of warm milk with a spoon of honey.

If this does not help, the doctor Beloshitskiy recommends to try to normalize sleep with the light drugs: Valerian root drops “Barboval,” etc. for a Long time to eat sleeping pills is not recommended – up to 3 weeks.

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Well, if insomnia lasts 2.5 – 3 weeks, every day, you should consult a doctor. Because sleep disorders can be symptoms of diseases such as neurosis, a number of organic lesions of the nervous system (injury of skull, neuroinfections), neurasthenia, depression, and even diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or the cardiovascular system. And examination by a specialist in this situation.

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