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Fighting in the Donbass not cease: the published map

Бои на Донбассе не прекращаются: опубликована картаMost of attacks per day recorded under the plant, in Pavlopole and Water.

On the Donetsk direction the epicenter of the fighting remains a part of the front heater – Avdeevka – position of the mine Butovka, on the Mariupol direction most of the attacks recorded in the South, particularly in Pavlopole and Water.

For the past day two Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO zone was killed, two were injured and two received a concussion, reports the words of the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine concerning anti-terrorist operation Colonel Andrei Lysenko the Information-analytical center of National security of Ukraine. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

At the direction of Lugansk during the day, 26 February, occurred eight attacks of the occupation forces, four mortar. The positions of ATO forces were fired 25 minutes And about half of the attacks recorded in the dark.

Basically, the fighting took place in the Popasnyansky area. Here between 10:00 and 17:00 there were three mortar attacks, and later the occupation forces used light weapons. Also recorded violations of silence regime in Lobacheva and nut also there was a mortar attack.

In the direction of Donetsk, the main fighting continues in the front section of the heater – Avdeevka – position of the mine Butovka. The militants actively shelled the area of the front of tanks and mortars, located in the area of Yakovlevka and Spartacus. The fire fighters begin before dawn, continued this morning and significantly intensified after 15:00.

The speaker of the Ministry of defense noted that as a result of the fighting in the town for four days there is no electricity and water supply is on track. Militants hinder the repair of infrastructure and socially important facilities are provided with electricity from generators.

In addition, the fighting of medium intensity with the use of heavy weapons continued on the arc Svetlodarsk, South of Gorlovka in the Donetsk airport.

During the day in the direction of Donetsk recorded 23 shelling of the occupation forces, including mortar and tank 12. On positions of Ukrainian military were fired more than 200 minutes and 80 of tank shells.

On the Mariupol direction the situation deteriorated in Marinka. Here fighters of the evening, made two in a mortar attack and used armored vehicles.

To the South of this direction provocations and shelling with heavy weapons continued day and night, aktiviziruyutsya attacks after sunset.

“Under enemy gun is each of our strong point,” said Lysenko, adding that the greatest number of attacks recorded in Pavlopole and Water.

In General, during the day in Mariupol direction militants violated the silence regime 31 times, five times using heavy weapons.

Бои на Донбассе не прекращаются: опубликована карта

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