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Fighters ATO gave tough resistance to terrorists in Avdeyevka

Бойцы АТО дали жесткий отпор террористам в АвдеевкеThe enemy had fired across the demarcation line in the Donbas.

For the past day, February 4, Donbas was 51 recorded the shelling of Ukrainian military positions. In the fighting one soldier was wounded and another injured, the press center of staff ATO.

So, on Donetsk the direction fighters fired at Kamianka and Avdeevka of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, Novoluganskoe artillery of calibre of 152 mm, Avdeevka, zaytsevo – from 120-mm mortars and 82 mm.

In the direction of Mariupol came under shelling from mortars and grenade launchers Chermalyk, Shirokino, Krasnogorovka, Palopoli, Water, Talakovka. On chermalyka also fired from tanks and anti-tank systems. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On Lugansk the direction the Novozvanovka fired from MLRS BM-21 Grad, Bohuslav, Popasna and Novozvanovka – mortar, Yellow – small arms. In addition, the Popasnaya fired by a sniper.

In addition, around 17.30, the separatists, in violation of agreements on cease-fire to restore electricity in Avdeevka, grossly violated the regime of silence, starting the assault on the positions of AFU in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone with the use of the 152 mm guns and mortars of 120 mm calibre.

“The attack petered out and they were forced to retreat,” – said in the message.

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